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Bad experience with Du Telecom

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I just wanted to share my bad experience with the DU through this platform.

I got it my connection activated from Du main office Building # 4 in media city through an enterprise representative Mr. *** on December 10th, 2009. I don’t want to mention his name here to jeopardize his job. He assured me twice that my connection is activated for international roaming and international blackberry services are also active. But when I travelled to Cairo on December 13th I was unable to use my device as roaming was not active on my number. I came back to Dubai on December 19th and ask them to check the problem. They figured out my roaming was not active due to some problem in the system. Again, he assured me now everything is fine and you can enjoy all blackberry services which again proved to be a wrong statement as I was unable to send and receive emails on my BlackBerry device 9000 bold.

I came back to him very next day but he never attended me properly (who was all mine before selling Business Premier Plan to me) saying that I cannot do anything and you have to call 188 helpline. I also talked to a Consumer representative in the same office, who tried his best to resolve my issue with his limited knowledge of business services but he was not able to log my complaints using his ID and referred me again to Mr. *** who was busy in his some personal work and was not willing to attend his business customers. Finally, I logged my complaint on 188 and complaint # xxxxxxxxxxx. I missed their call once when I was busy in prayer but they never called again. I called back and talked to a customer support, they only updated the status of my ticket and made me assured I’ll receive a call again in 24-48 hours but now it’s more than 72 hours but I never received any call from them and still facing a problem in blackberry services.

I don’t know what is the use of a blackberry without email services? It’s been more than two weeks I am facing issues on du connection from the very first day. I really regretting on my decision to switch blackberry services from etisalat to du. The idea was to switch all my employees to du from etisalat.


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    Yeah,absolute agree, but there is not much choice unfortunately

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    I join the club, neither do I like DU.

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    GUYS... this is not an exaggerated version of my story. It is word to word true. I have an iPhone 3GS with Premier Plan A and I have Unlimited Data Plan (10 GB limit). For the last seven months my bill did not exceed 700 dirhams. But can you believe???? DU sent me my bill for October and November as 36,454 and 79,876 dirhams respectively? Are they out of their mind. They say, it is the mobile internet charges??? I just can't believe that they say I have used Internet worth 36k and 79k in two months. That is like my bill for the next 20 years.... just can't believe that I got such an incredibly high bill????? I registered a complaint with the Customer Care and I hope to get some resolution, because I have hardly surfed the Internet using my Iphone. I use my laptop and Etisalat Wired Broadband.... DU is really the worst telecom company I have even seen in my life !!!

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    I have issues with Du every second day. Latest: they send me a message every day as """we do not have any ID registered for u, pls, come to us.... otherwise, we will stop your services"""...which is absolutely impossible as One CAN NOT buy a SIM-card, activate Internet-account for the flat, without a valid ID, proviing UAE-residence...

    Every , EVERY, EVERYYY month I have problems with internet , wihch is provided by DU (unfortunately can not changhe it to Etisalat as enitre buildign is in DU-terriotory)... first they increased my standard account (250 kb) to smth like 1, 5 MB.. it took me 5 months to prove I didn't order the Upgrade...the answer was alwasys same---- BUT IN our system it shows that U asked for upgrade....Only when I threatened them to open the case, they changed this system....however, despite any promisses, that the extra-balance would be returned to same account for any future payments,--it never happened...and 1 day I found out myself without Internet (which is a HUUUGE problem for me, as I am working from home).... I took me 10-- TEN days to get Internet back. Note::: there was NO outstanding payment, just another -system mistake--......

    DO NOT EVER MAKE Payments for DU from their web-site--self-care... I did it few months...and then had to bring confirmation from the Bank from my Credit Cards, that they DID receive the again, it was not in their system......

    This is the worst SERVICE of all services possible in DUBAI.... I can not stop cursing them, cause they are STEALLING hours and hours of my time EVERY DAY...cause every day--a new problem comes up... BAD, APPALENT, AWFUL, PAINFUL EXPERINECE WITH DU....

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    At least you have an option to switch to Etisalat. I also had similar issues with du when I moved in my apartment.

    They were did not come to setup internet TWICE. First time it happened because of a 'system issue' and the second one because they just did something wrong.

    The full story is on my blog called settling in

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