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Hi Friends,

Got a job offer as Fin Analyst with 20,000AED pm.

Trying to find out the latest current cost of living and unable to find anything recent. Will be really grateful if you all can help me in finding it out.

Want to know the following costs per month (2 adults + 1 child 2yrs):

1) House rental (atleast 2bedroom)(furnished or unfurnished)
2) Cost of furnishing if needed
3) Electricity/Water/Municipal Tax
4) Telephone/Mobile/Cable TV
5) Car rental or lease or loan repayment amt
6) Fuel cost
7) Food expenses - Grocery, Gas etc.
8) Children's education (kindergarten)

I will really appreciate if someone can help me be giving these details or provide me the links of sites where I can get concrete figures and not general views.

Also please mention any other issues/costs that I need to take into account to relocate to Dubai.

Thank you all in advance,

Have a great day,



  • hope it will help..

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    hi dear,

    how are u doing.. hope everthin is ok..

    1) House rental (atleast 2bedroom)(furnished or unfurnished)
    inside the city 5000-7000 AED unfurnished..

    2) Cost of furnishing if needed
    it depends.. 10000 AED min..

    3) Electricity/Water/Municipal Tax
    if AC is central will be around 400 AED if not so it will cost around 800 AED

    4) Telephone/Mobile/Cable TV
    I can not help on this.. any way internet connection 4MB cost 399 + tv cable

    5) Car rental or lease or loan repayment amt
    Monthly if its 2010 model rent will be 1800 AED min for Civic, corolla..
    so i think its better to get ur driving license and to buy a new brand car on payment bases..

    6) Fuel cost
    90 AED = 500 km in average

    7) Food expenses - Grocery, Gas etc.
    2000 - 4000 AED

    8) Children's education (kindergarten)
    sorry still single..

    hope this info. will help u..

    best Regards

  • what an expensive life there

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    i would stay in europe like i am now if i read this.
    rental =my flat next to the beach( north sea newport belgium) 300euro /month for 3 bedrooms + nice american kitchen+bathroom
    car= companycar + free tankcards from my boss
    childrens education= free coz i'm local here
    food= about 200 euro/month depends how chic you want to eat
    internet-mobile-tv cabel= 40 euro/month

    now i think its more cheaper then in uae to live.

    by the way i live near the border of france and the uk (good for shopping)

  • Vanessa Mendes

    JOB OFFER = 7.500 AED/month

    posted by  Vanessa Mendes in Dubai forum 


    I was offered a job as a Tours Executive at a travel agency in Dubai.
    Salary is 7.500 AED/month. No benefits.
    I speak 7 languages, I am graduated in Management and I also have a Master in Strategy and another one in Hotel Management. 9 years experience in tourism company. Last job: Project Manager for a tourism company in Portugal.
    I'm 27 and going alone.
    I would have to have the opinion of someone living in Dubai. I guess this kind of money isn't enough not even to survive but the company is arguing it is good money.
    Is it possible to live decently + save money with this kind of salary??

    I would really appreciate an answer since I have to give some answer as quickly as posible.

    Thank you very much.


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    You can get a better job with those skills

    posted by  Llenubian Magweni in Dubai forum 

    Personally I think that is not enough for your skills.
    With that amount you can survive not live. Not good for saving. Unless the hotel offers you meals and accommodation then you will be set.

    Things are very costly. Rentals in the nice areas is close to buying a house cash in mostly countries.
    I have found that in supermarkets prices I would are OK not cheap. Restaurants for a family or 2-4 friends outing/meal be ready to send $300 not over the top meal.

    Fantastic modern city, very good for raising kids without worry of crime, expensive.

  • Vanessa Mendes

    Thank you

    posted by  Vanessa Mendes in Dubai forum 


    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I guess my biggest problem is that I have the most interest in working in Dubai or Qatar and since I don't have any professional or personal contact there is being really complicated.

    Can you please provide me any job seeker website good for foreingers?


    Vanessa Mendes

  • naturewalker SG

    agree with llenubian

    posted by  naturewalker SG in Dubai forum 

    I will pm some info.

  • HI

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    HI ,
    how are you ?
    Hope all r ok at your end

    7500 AED :
    If it is in Dubai then it is not Ok , Home rental fees is very High in Dubai comparing with others , you ahve to pay 3000 AED for Bed Space , this mean with other 2 .

    Transportation is good in dubai if u will use metro .

    the good thing is you can get good chance in other company after 1 year .

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    hi plz help....

    posted by  Vishal Kumar in Dubai forum 


    i got a offer of 1800 USD means 6752 AED /pm offer as a IT Professional in dubai.
    this excludes housing and cab facility by company........ i.e[ housing(1300) + cab () + salary (1800).. ] = overall package.

    is it good.... ? or how much i should ask them if housing and cab is free.... as it is now ..?

    please help me.....

  • RoYaL Charles


    posted by  RoYaL Charles in Dubai forum 

    2000-2500 you can take flate for your personal
    now a days cheapbut if you will say that you want to stay in burj alrab or burj khalifa then you imagine

  • RoYaL Charles


    posted by  RoYaL Charles in Dubai forum 

    good for you ,
    after that will be increase depend on your work
    dnt wory and join it

  • RoYaL Charles

    good for you

    posted by  RoYaL Charles in Dubai forum 

    ur package is good ,
    you can manage and also saving
    join it

  • Rajesh kumar

    pls help

    posted by  Rajesh kumar in Dubai forum 

    hi guys,
    i am looking for SAP BASIS job in dubai or abu dhabhi and also have 6.5 years of experience. so please let me know whom to contact or send the consultancy contact details. so it will be more helpful.


  • hi

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    it is not aesy to live in Duabi with this Salary , Home rental in Dubai s more than other City , it is around 50 tp 60 K AED so u can live in Sharja or Ajman @ 25 to 40 000 AED
    life in dubai is very good ,

  • Unis Ahmed

    Cost of Living in Dubai

    posted by  Unis Ahmed in Dubai forum 

    Hi there,

    i just went through the post and i think u can find a better job in dubai then 7k. every company in dubai wants to get employees for the cheapst cost and being a private sector there are very few with leget promises.

    you can contact me anytime and i will help u.


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    Cost of living in dubai

    posted by  sandeep yelamarty in Dubai forum 


    Iam sandeep from india.I want to know regarding a offer i got is it good or not.Iam having 4 years of experience i got a offer for 7500AED
    with no acc or transport or food.Is it ok with this salary i can survive and save some thing should i accept this offer please help me.Im a software engineer in mumbai currently working with polaris.Got offer in dubai through a consultancy wto citibank dubai.Please all give me ur suggestions should i accept this offer or not.Thanks,

  • Melanie Luck

    Moving to Dubai

    posted by  Melanie Luck in Dubai forum 

    Hi Everyone
    I have just joined his site and have a few questions if anyone can help me out?

    Firstly I have done as much research as I can through the internet and I have a few concerns..

    I have two small children aged 3 yrs and 2 yrs what is the education system really like - am I better to negioate in a package schooling for the children - also any ideas how much education is?

    I also have two older children 21 yrs and 18 yrs - they are studying in the UK - should I get them on my visa or do they need to live me with in order to do that?

    My partner and I arent married - is this going to be a problem??

    What is the average salary of a sales manager with 14 years exeprience - this tends to range dramatically and I cant seem to get an average?

    Also I have read there are communities around the city in which are ideal for families - any websites I could look at?

    Any feedback gratefully accepted.........


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    cost of living in Dubai

    posted by  vikas Kumar in Dubai forum 

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a software engineer and having 3yrs of experience in PL/SQL development and i got an offer of 10kAED PM without accommodation, Transport and food. Is it a gud offer?
    I am single. Please let me know how much saving can i make.


  • syed ali


    posted by  syed ali in Dubai forum 

    hi ,
    i got an offer with a gros salary package of 8000 dhs in bur dubai. what are the minimum savings with this salary . I am too bad when it comes to spending :(
    please advise .

  • Unis Ahmed

    10k job offer

    posted by  Unis Ahmed in Dubai forum 


    10k is a very good offer and u can live peacefully as u are single. there are alot of afordable places in dubai.

    good luck

  • Unis Ahmed

    moving to Dubai

    posted by  Unis Ahmed in Dubai forum 

    Hi Melanie,

    To start with the kids schooling, dubai has the best school's available. It can be a bit costly depending on the school ranking but its not too expensive.
    Links to diff school's:

    Once you work in Dubai, they wont require visa. Any british passport holder can get there visa on arrival for a period of one month.

    your partner can come on visit and if he can get a job here and start living with you thts not a problem at all. you can get married later in future.

    Average Monthly Salary matching your search criteria

    Average Monthly Salary Sales-manager in UAE

    AED 16,719

    In United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) as of Jun 2011

    There are alot of communities in dubai and u can live anywhere u wish and they are also not expensive... a 3 bedroom with hall, swimming pool, kids playing area, back yard. community villa wil cost you 80k a year to 100k in a neighbourhood of your own people.

    I hope this helps :) hope to see you in Dubai some day :)


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