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Hi Friends,

Got a job offer as Fin Analyst with 20,000AED pm.

Trying to find out the latest current cost of living and unable to find anything recent. Will be really grateful if you all can help me in finding it out.

Want to know the following costs per month (2 adults + 1 child 2yrs):

1) House rental (atleast 2bedroom)(furnished or unfurnished)
2) Cost of furnishing if needed
3) Electricity/Water/Municipal Tax
4) Telephone/Mobile/Cable TV
5) Car rental or lease or loan repayment amt
6) Fuel cost
7) Food expenses - Grocery, Gas etc.
8) Children's education (kindergarten)

I will really appreciate if someone can help me be giving these details or provide me the links of sites where I can get concrete figures and not general views.

Also please mention any other issues/costs that I need to take into account to relocate to Dubai.

Thank you all in advance,

Have a great day,



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    posted by  Subrata Roy in Dubai forum 


    I am a IT professional with 6 years of experience in web application development and got a job opportunity in Ajman. What I have been offered is 10000 AED per month. Health Insurance, travel tickets to Dubai will be provided by my employer. I am a married person and planning to take my wife with me. So is it a good opportunity for me. What about savings in this salary? Please help


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    Cost of living in RAK

    posted by  PRAKASH S in Dubai forum 

    hi anyone can suggest me about expenses or cost of living in RAK ??? I have got an offer 11500 AED PM\

  • Cost Of living in Dubai

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     Ujjval P
    Posted in Dubai forum

    Hi Sumit,

    In which company u got offer, even i also got offer from 1 IT company frm Dubai....

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    Cost Of living in Dubai

    posted by  sumit Jain in Dubai forum 

    Hi Friends,

    I got offer from IT compny to wrok in Dubai,They are giving me 7800 AED per month with accomadation,Office cab,

    So I want to know it is suffiecient to survie in Dubai, As I am married and I have 1.5 year Kid.

  • Charan Bajaj


    posted by  Charan Bajaj in Dubai forum 

    Yes,There is chance if u get 2 yrs Dubai-UAE exp then u can get better job anywhere in gulf country.

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    Plz help me out........

    posted by  Ujjval P in Dubai forum 


    I am Telecom Software engineer........having 5.6 yrs of exp in India........if i got exp of 2 yrs in Dubai....then is it possible to switch a job over there....

  • Charan Bajaj

    Cost of living in dubai

    posted by  Charan Bajaj in Dubai forum 

    Minimum one independent room in sharing 2B/R flat rent will aed 3000-3500 or Independent 1B/R Flat 3500-4000pm including water n electricity,transportation monthly 500-600 pm for one personal if u r suing metro train n some time taxi,3 time veg food aed 900-100 or non veg1000-1200pm including everyday milk dry fruits, fresh fruits,medical average 300-500pm for both of u.
    If u making child then aed 1000pm min.If u are smoking and drinking alcohol everyday aed 700-1000 if using weekly then 500pm for smoking n drinking. Other expense 300pm.Total Min Aed 5500-6000 and Maximum Aed 7500-8000pm without drinking n smoking with somoking ad aed 7000-1000pm.But if u do same job atleast 2 yrs after that u can try another job coz u r having 2 yrs experience in UAE.

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    Plz help me out......

    posted by  Ujjval P in Dubai forum 

    I got offer of 11000 AED in DUbai.....i am married so can u plz suggest is it affordable to stay and save money in dubai.......what is approx cost of living in dubai.....for couple...........

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    Living Cost in Dubai with 3800 per month US Dollars

    posted by  Amit Gupta in Dubai forum 

    Hi, I am getting an offer for Dubai with 3800 per month US Dollars. Just want to know about average living cost in Dubai for single. Please share details for same.


    Amit Gupta

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    Need assistance in taking decision for a job offer - Please reply

    posted by  Ajmal Sheikh in Dubai forum 

    I got a permanent job offer in a bank in Dubai.
    Salary about 18000 AED per month. I am married too (don’t have children)

    I am an Indian, and have to sponsor my wife by myself and pay every expense by myself, like housing, food, travelling, electricity & water etc.
    I am a Muslim biologically but I really don’t follow any religion, My wife is a Non-Muslim girl.
    I don’t drink, nor do I have too many fascinations. A simple living guy.

    How much will it cost to me per month in AED, is it okay if I get 18K AED.

    Reply Appreciated

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