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    JOB OFFER = 7.500 AED/month

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    I was offered a job as a Tours Executive at a travel agency in Dubai.
    Salary is 7.500 AED/month. No benefits.
    I speak 7 languages, I am graduated in Management and I also have a Master in Strategy and another one in Hotel Management. 9 years experience in tourism company. Last job: Project Manager for a tourism company in Portugal.
    I'm 27 and going alone.
    I would have to have the opinion of someone living in Dubai. I guess this kind of money isn't enough not even to survive but the company is arguing it is good money.
    Is it possible to live decently + save money with this kind of salary??

    I would really appreciate an answer since I have to give some answer as quickly as posible.

    Thank you very much.


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