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    Hi Everyone
    I have just joined his site and have a few questions if anyone can help me out?

    Firstly I have done as much research as I can through the internet and I have a few concerns..

    I have two small children aged 3 yrs and 2 yrs what is the education system really like - am I better to negioate in a package schooling for the children - also any ideas how much education is?

    I also have two older children 21 yrs and 18 yrs - they are studying in the UK - should I get them on my visa or do they need to live me with in order to do that?

    My partner and I arent married - is this going to be a problem??

    What is the average salary of a sales manager with 14 years exeprience - this tends to range dramatically and I cant seem to get an average?

    Also I have read there are communities around the city in which are ideal for families - any websites I could look at?

    Any feedback gratefully accepted.........


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