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Dear all,
I will be moving to Dubai in 2 months to work for a company based in Sharjah.
I am looking to rent an apartment in Dubai and been reccomended areas like the Greens and Dubai Marina. My budget is 60-80K Max.
However, browsing through the net I found great villas in Dubai Land for just 70K with 2 bedrooms , thats the same price I would pay for a 1-bedroom in the Greens. I am hesitant to make this decision to rent in Dubai Land and would appreciate any feedback, shared experiences, you might have about Dubai Land and possible disadvantages living htere.


  • khalid al ali


    posted by  khalid al ali in Dubai forum 

    hi camile,
    try this website maybe will help you to find accommatition
    welcome in dubai

  • Hello

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Hi Camile

    Dubai is a beautiful place and i congratulate you on your move. The prices really depend on many factors, You can even find between 40-60K very easily, So, it really depends on where the house is located, the land it is located on....etc.

    If you need more assistance or have any questions regarding the U.A.E. or Dubai do not hesitate to contact me.

    Dr. Majed Al-Olayan
    Email: [...]


  • Camille Gebran


    posted by  Camille Gebran in Dubai forum 

    Thanks for your replies. Appreciated.
    I am more or less set to rent a villa in DubaiLand. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this area. For example: How far from Dubai? Is it practical to drive everyday from DubaiLand to sharjah to my office? Or shall I look at other places?

    What other disadvantages maybe in living in DubaiLand... Will I be isolated from social life?

    Thanks again to all


  • Hi

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 


    Very intelligent questions, Yes, Dubailand is a wonderful place and it is more than logical as you will see to drive, its around 10-20 drive to both directions depending on traffic as highways and roads are very well and can take lots of traffic at a time.

    By the way i lived in Lugano for awhile.

    So, what line of business are you in? Why the move to Dubai?
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  • Chris Humphrey


    posted by  Chris Humphrey in Dubai forum 

    Hi Camille,

    I have a friend who has just rented a four bedroom villa in Dubailand and she thinks it's great out there. My only advice would be that Dubailand is not yet completed so expect a bit of construction work/noise. As long as you have a car and you are prepared for a slightly longer drive to work than if you lived in Sharjah (!) then I am sure you will be happy in your new home :)

    Rents are very good in Dubai at the moment so now is the time to take advantage of the bargains that are popping up here.

    If you need help with a moving company then let me know - I run a company called easytruck which moves people all over the UAE and internationally.


  • blue rasta


    posted by  blue rasta in Dubai forum 

    Hi Camille,

    Am a Leasing Consultant in a Real Estate Company, keep in touch with me whilst you're here so i can guide you in locations that meet your budget & have easy access to Dubai-Sharjah-Dubai


  • U may share my flat @2000 per month

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    i stay alone in dubai.. u may shift with me in sharjah ,,i have 1 BHK flat fully furnished ,, im also new,,,n working in a retail co,,u may cal me if u wish to share the place with me


  • Camille Gebran

    thank you all

    posted by  Camille Gebran in Dubai forum 

    Dear all,
    Read these valuable replies and I really thank you all for your contributions. So hard to figure things out when you are 5000 miles away but I will have one month to decide where to live (Sharjah/Dubai) and once on the ground, I guess I will have a better understanding.

    Kind regards

  • Hi

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Hi Camille,

    Dubai Land is pretty far away from Sharjah. The drive is going to be about 1hr minimum due to the traffic headin to sharjah.

    Most people live in Sharjah and work in other parts of Dubai and the freezone which is not very far from Dubai Land. Anyways my point is look for a nice place in Sharjah, the rents are cheap and you avoid the traffic and long drives.

    If you still want to stay in a nice place look at Jumeirah Beach Residence.


    Harry John Nair

  • naturewalker SG

    Accommodation in UAE

    posted by  naturewalker SG in Dubai forum 

    Hi Camille,
    It goes with out saying that relocation is definitely not an easy task but it can be exciting too like turning a new page. In regard to your accommodation my 2 cents is not to be too hasty. I assume your employer will provide you with a temporary accommodation for a month or 2? If that is the case, then take full advantage of it and take your time in choosing a place to live in. Signing a lease could tie you up for a year and you cannot renege on the contract once signed. From what I know Dubailand is quite far and still under construction. Which area in Sharjah are you going to work? Sharjah flats are quite inexpensive so if you are going to work there it will be more convenient to stay there than to live in Dubai. If you are into clubbing, bars etc you can easily travel to Dubai anytime...

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    i know an apartment

    posted by  Far Rah in Dubai forum 

    Hi camile
    i know an apartment . It is in International City , 1 BR, with 2 Bathrooms in good area England cluster, near to china market. with good rent . If you want contact me : [...]

    best for u

    Ms. Fari

  • Moving to Dubai

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Hi Camille,

    I wonder if you have found a moving provider for your relocation to UAE?

    I would like to advise you Move One Relocations with the assistance of moving, logistics and relocation, immigration needs. We handle all scope of work in one hands for your convenient move.

    For more information please feel free to contact me via email [...]


    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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    Moving to Dubai

    posted by  Josh M in Dubai forum 

    Dear Anyone

    My wife and I are moving to Dubai in a month or so and we are considering locations to live in and looking at prices o Villa's and Dubailand and Arabian Ranches have been suggested, Does anybody know what it is like to live in either of these places and is dubai land still a Construction site or are many families living there now?


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