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Extra Income

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Hi.. I am an Idian lady working as an office secretary.. I wish to earn some money after my office hours. I have 10 years experience in teaching CBSE students(private lessons), in India. I can stitch any ladies dress in any pattern. Would you please help me, how can I find out a part time job here in Dubai? I also have knowledge in insurance field( life @general), MLM, etc..

  • aziz shaikh


    posted by  aziz shaikh in Dubai forum 

    i m a insurance consultant in dubai u can earn a very good income by just creating a lead 4 me i can give u a very nice commission to u if u r intrested plz call me on 050-2538803 its a great opportunity........

  • extra income

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    The schools have started you can post in leaflet in your neighborhood with your cell number for private well as private stitching among your indian / pakistani comunity by word of mouth and emails.

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    Part time job

    posted by  Shami Buhari in Dubai forum 

    Thank you Mr. Ahmer, for your valuable suggetion...

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    Part time Job

    posted by  Roweena Lisboa in Dubai forum 

    Wow even i am looking for a job part time after office hrs but still no luck any where. Everyone is offering a job where u have to invest and all that. But still looking out. If i come across will let u know. Good Luck.

  • aziz shaikh


    posted by  aziz shaikh in Dubai forum 

    you can look in to my post no need to invest anything just refer and earn and a decent amt of money if u really want to earn its a great opportunity...... contact me for further detail.

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    Extra Income

    posted by  Madhavan k.c in Dubai forum 

    I am looking for Business parters in my network.If you are seriously looking for an extra income contact

    +971 50 8671273

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