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How is Dubai for women?

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Hi everybody! A friend of mine is thinking about relocating to Dubai with her husband, but she's a little scared. How is Dubai for foreign women?

  • Sonia Khan

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    Yes this is the best place for Indian Companions in Dubai also.

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    Women are treated with a full respect in the UAE,through my experience Dubai is one of the best place to live at, I feel safe here!

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    Too safe

    posted by  Abdul kaddir in Dubai forum 

    I think the UAE is very safe for women compared to other countries.

  • aamina khanam

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    In Dubai, we won't find that many restrictions that we actually face in Saudi and other Arab countries. Mainly women can have a great time here because they have the freedom to wear as their own. Apart from this as well, they can see good response and place in society there. Safe and secure place but still better to be careful in the night journies and outings.

  • Amira Khanam

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    Dubai is considered to be one of the best places to live in. If you ask me about Saudi then i might have to think twice before suggesting but Dubai is so open and welcomes everyone. They will enjoy staying there.

  • Rose Willett

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    Yes yes yes its good for all of them....
    Ask any woman from any nationality if they feel safe living in or travelling to Dubai the answer will always be “yes” without a second thought.

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    You can wear bikinis at the beach- just dont leave the beach area in bathers ( ie NO bikini tops to the malls etc). No thongs etc. ( and I don't mean foot wear)
    Im in Sharjah, and they are a little firmer on modesty, so no bikini wearing on the beaches, though it is OK in Ajman and beach resorts in Sharjah.
    Im not 100 % sure what happens with the liquor license ( Im pretty sure that if you are under your husbands sponsorship, then yes, it is he that applies for the card- Im sure someone else will be able to fill you in - we are non-drinkers-
    Like any country, it is about being aware of your surroundings, but I certainly wouldn't say it was "unsafe" for women.

  • C F

    About driving

    posted by  C F in Dubai forum 

    I was able to drive with my American driver license.. and able to rent a car..

  • C F

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    Hi, I've been in UAE as tourist, and as arab woman, travelling by myself I was amazed.
    Dubai and all cities I've been in are very safe and people are extremely respectful.
    Im considering moving there if I find a job.
    Its the most safe arab country ive ever seen.
    Wherever you are, you are 100% safe.
    During my stay, 2 weeks, I never had any issue, Im muslim, modestly covered, but ive seen tourists, women in bikini and summer dresses everywhere, absolutely no problem.
    I don't think theres better than UAE under this aspect.
    Good luck to your friend and tell her don't worry. She and her family will be safe and respected by all

  • Dhow Cruise


    posted by  Dhow Cruise in Dubai forum 

    Dubai is the best place to live for every women. She will enjoy it and dont be scared, it is best.

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