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How is Dubai for women?

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Hi everybody! A friend of mine is thinking about relocating to Dubai with her husband, but she's a little scared. How is Dubai for foreign women?

  • James .

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    How are you? Well I m Jay from Dubai. My pleasure to be ur friend. Please reply if u like to be friend by the way your profile is amazing..

  • Go to justin mark's profile

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    i think dubai is more safe than other UAE cities.

  • srinivasan subramaniam

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    Very nice . they have maintained good relation ship with all the foreigners and full freedom itself . we have rock with week ends and you have feel with UK cultures with dubai itself .

  • WebJunky 80

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    is she into the party/clubbing scene at all? what does she enjoy? dubai is a very nice and safe place and women are respected. there is plenty to do so she will have lots of fun...

  • Aldo Gerard

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    be aware of sharks!

  • mohamed hamad

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  • naturewalker SG

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    Hi Blizzy... In addition to Ilham's response, Dubai has conducive working environment for women more than in any other countries in the GCC. I understand what goes thru the mind of your friend since I am working in the recruitment business and have been recruiting western expats. I don't blame your friend cos the ME is not getting good rep in the media. Dubai like any country has its good and bad points but I believe the good still outweighs the bad at this point. Women are free to pursue their interests, there are good schools for the kids and there are enough activities to be had for young and matured couples may it be the outdoors or the club scene. Though like what the other guys are saying it is quite expensive here, tho your friends (if not US national) can enjoy the tax break which is sort of an incentive in working in the ME. One thing your friend can do is ask her husband to request a "look & see trip" from his would be employer before making the final move.

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    Thanks for your advice Ilham! I'll tell my friend cause she's really a little nervous ;o)

  • Ilham B

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    I undersand your point, Dubai is very different from gulf arabian cities! meaning tourists and people in general wear very normal close! it's very liberal, people go to the beach and have fun at the western style life, They have made of this city the new "las vegas"based in the middle east, The only thing is that you have to hold an emirati licence t drive, cause life without car s impossible! or have a driver, it's quite easy to have a driver if your hasband got good job! it's a safe city! very nice envirnment and lots of activities and things to explore so don't hesitate to come!!

  • Anand Gupta

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    Can any body suggest me that how i can get my dream job in dubai ,still struggling in banking sector.

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