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How to start small business in dubai?

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I'm a UAE national and offering to be a local service agent who you need to start your own business in UAE so if you have any question let me know.
or you can visit

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    Professional services

    posted by  Radeya Business SRVC in Dubai forum 

    You can find such a local sponsor in UAE newspaper classifieds or through business setup firms like .

    The local sponsor may either be a partner or what is known as a "service agent" who doesn't have any say in the business matters. They charge for this service on an annual basis and the charges range from AED 5000 to AED 15000 (per year) depending on various factors including type of company and each agent's demands. Do shop around to get the best deal.

    Whenever you get a local sponsor, it's important to get a contract outlining rights and duties of each party to the agreement. This document may be drafted by a lawyer or you can get a pre-made one, depending on your situation. In any case, read the document thoroughly so that you are clear about everything. Discuss all your thoughts and questions and get them clarified at the start so that nothing remains in the dark. After all, this is a business partnership.

    After you have an agreement prepared, you and your service agent will sign it in the UAE court (notarization section). Keep your copy for your records. Good luck on doing business in UAE. If you need further information, feel free to contact me.

    Radeya Business Services provides various business consulting and professional services. Visit for information

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    Yes to start any business you first need to visit Dubai market and do an analysis which market will suit you. But for this all must your consider to get services of fully infra structured company that can minimize your IT issues.

  • hellen cheng

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    Hi, dear .
    i here is from the led flashlight factory in china. You can check this product market in dubai.
    Very good selling.
    Any question can contact me any time.
    Tks & Best regards,

  • Zeeshan Hashmi

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    hi can ure sponsorship work for Abu Dhabi also, i sent u an email but u didnot reply. are u still on for sponsorship, if yes please let me know ure fee: [...]


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    I am from Kazakhstan and I constantly had problem with UAE visa, my girlfriend works in Dubai, and I wanted to visit her repeatedly. In internet I found information that I can open UAE Company, in that case I would be resident of UAE, and could travel to Dubai in any time. Cost of company formation depends from many factors. The Best price gave me this company Alliance Business Advisors - >

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    We are looking for a local sponsor for our consulting company's operations in teh Middle East.

  • abdullah alamry

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    you r welcome...
    Absolutely ... Angel you must come here and research the market and meet with distributors and you need to see check the company's that you would export to if they have the legal account in case you need to claim your money .A piece of advise you can check the market not only in Dubai as all the cities in UAE are connected and they are one hour apart by car so you should not only think about Dubai but in all cities and i think you will do good business as there is a big market for this products.So get the procures ready and come here.

  • abdullah alamry

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    Hay Angel i could not open your web page maybe it's me.....any way i think you really should do a lot of research in the market you could even visit the champers of commerce site in Dubai and I'm sure you will get a better answer .

  • WebJunky 80

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    take a trip to dubai and try the trade shows. that is your best bet in attracting the right investor

  • abdullah alamry

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    that's it !!! unless you got a big amount of money to keep it in the bank for months and you can use it later then you do not need a silent partner like me:)

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