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Is 11000 AED good salary for a Sr. Software Engineer in Dubai

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Hi Guys I am from India and have received 11000 AED per month salary offer from a Software Company based in Dubai. Company is going to provide Relocation assistance (Return Ticket and other perks + Medical Insurance).

I live single and doesn't have much expenses apart from Food and occasional Alcohol.

Please guide.

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    Sr. Software engineer can get AED:15000 + Benifits such as accomodation, insurance etc. Now you decide.

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    can you tell me about this job proper on my email

  • Subha Sahoo


    posted by  Subha Sahoo in Dubai forum 

    Hi Rehman,

    Good Morning!!!
    I found you in this forum.
    I am Subha, from India and at present in Dubai. I am searching a job in Software development.

    Can you help me to find a job in Software development (DotNet).


    Subha Ranjan Sahoo
    Voice: (Dubai) +971 52 865 2002, (India): +91 981 845 4922
    Email: [...]
    Skype: srsahoo


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    i am earning AED 15000/month but still not happy. when you enter into a new market you have to find out by yourself whether your salary is good enough or not.

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    INR 10,00,000 is my current annual salary in India. Company from Dubai is offering AED 132000 per annum. So my question is will this amount (AED 132000) be sufficient?

  • Mysteryo Gem

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    y do u wanna leave a one million job for eleven thousand??

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    But accmodation is not taken care of. Its 11000 that what I will get per month they will provide only assistance. Apart from that I am getting INR 10,00,000 from my current job.

    Hows the scenario now?

  • Mysteryo Gem

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    I think with accommodation taken care of, you can survive here with 11000

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