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Living in Dubai as an American woman

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Is there any American in this forum who lives in Dubai or UAE?

I am considering moving there. My first thought about that place is that it is far too dangerous place for an American woman. But then I think, Dubai has large number of foreign workers, which can imply that the country is very tolerant and cosmopolitan place.

I was wondering, as American moving to Dubai, did you get used to the new environment quickly? Did you face any major problems?


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  • Imran Qureshi

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    there are plenty of meetups in uae you can always find great friends and wonderfull things to do here

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    i like your idea but my suggest don't come to Dubai it is very expensive you have to have hight salary or otherwise don't come stay your home batter
    this is my idea sorry

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    Hi, Dubai is a good Place to live , You will be happy here.

  • fares lancer

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    its safe country here , u can have good time and fun , if u like acompany here would like to call me , 0555781250

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    It is very safe

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    hi sarah

    posted by  Savio Terry in Dubai forum 

    to be honest, america is very in secure and hostile itself, here you can walk on the streets and no body will bother you....dont worry...its a safe haven for any country..

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    Lots of Americans livign here. Walking around in public by yourself is perfectly acceptable. You are thinking of Saudi. They are much more strict there. Living here is pretty much like living in any other major city.

    You can get other helpful information from and

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    I am thinking of taking a position for an American Airline but I will be working out of Dubai # weeks a month. my concrns are the safety measures I must take as an Ameircan? I hear things about not being able to walk around town unaccompanied as a women , is that at all sometihing I should be concerned with?
    Thanks for all your input.

  • abdullah ahmed

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    hi there busy mom wellcom in here iduno if its still open for disscusing but i think u will hv aot of good things here as am born here i know how its going here this is the peacest place all arround the world to live . and if u need anything or any help in the real life snd me email [...] or sms me at 0507599944 .; )

  • BusyMommy DXB

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    I'm an American woman living in Dubai with my family. I'm not sure where in the states you are from but the level of safety in Dubai is incredibly safe.

    There is hardly any crime affecting you daily. The biggest safety issue is probably the standard of driving. But to be honest, it's not that much worse than what I've seen in the US.

    We were able to adjust quite easily as we are open minded and respect the local culture and religion. We did a lot of research before moving here. Here are a couple of websites to help you:

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