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Russian girl just landed in Dubai) Looking for english speaker friends

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Russian girl just landed in Dubai) Looking for english speaker friends for outdoor activity, to go somewere, have a nice time, shopping, cinema, skate rollers, horse riding,.....whatever May be somebody learning russian - I can help We can improve our foreign languages skills!)

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  • Mohammed Ahmed

    posted by  in Dubai forum 

    hey how r u ?
    more than pleased to show you around. you can contact me 0507724934


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    One russian girl arrived and boys just started jumping...Boys, she is not looking for english speaking friends, she is looking for something which all of you don't have. So, stay Calm and take a deep breath. And if you want a russian girl friend, simply make a trip to russia and you will find a Paradise. don't waste your energy here.

  • John Robinson

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    hi ...i can teach you ..

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    It is always the case, every comment here is filled with hope that this lady would contact him. I would like to know if this is working for you! Cause it seems and looks sad!

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    kak dela,

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    Why you do not want to call me so that you will see having both enjoyment time and learning English period.

    Call me at +971 56 7465611 or email me: [...]

  • Gladson Joel

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    If you are still around contact me at [...]

  • Roy H

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    Previt , my name is Roy and i live in Dubai ...
    i love Russian cultuer and we can go out together and u improve ur english
    email me at [...]
    spacibo ))

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    posted by  in Dubai forum 

    hi, how r u?

    u can contact me, let us know each other

    what is u r phone & yahoo id?

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    Mail me

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