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Russian girl just landed in Dubai) Looking for english speaker friends

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Russian girl just landed in Dubai) Looking for english speaker friends for outdoor activity, to go somewere, have a nice time, shopping, cinema, skate rollers, horse riding,.....whatever May be somebody learning russian - I can help We can improve our foreign languages skills!)

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    ok call me 0555764087


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    My english is perfect but i want to improve my russian. som i need a russian friend. but i am sorry for other activities because my life is very busy and i don't have enough time. we can talk on yahoo, skype or Phone calls. and we can improve our langauges.

  • fareed yousef

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    you can reach me too,very cool fun loving and decent guy whom you would feel happy to meet with...

  • mohd. ansari

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    i i am also looking outdoor funn and improve my russian language can u learn english from me and we develop our relationship for ever

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    I have been living in Dubai since many years, it feels home to me now.. feel free to contact :))

  • Naeem Raj

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    zdraste! kak dela? ochen preyatna, ya zhivu v dubai, y azanayu pa ruski ne manoga. ya gavru medlena


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    It is great for social networking and will give you friends immediately. I particularly recommend the New in the Marina group.

    Good luck.


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    Plz if u r interested to do modeling send my ur pics :

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    yes i am interest to meet you how we can do this

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