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hi there

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good day
how can reach you there i'm frequently come to dubai. and i need english native to make conversation to improve my language skills with him & exchange our information culture .

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    Hi all,
    Till about a few weeks back I had faced many challenges while striking up a conversation in English. It caused lots of problems in my social life as I was not able to convey my thoughts and ideas properly to my friends and colleagues. To overcome this challenge I had decided to join a 6 weeks course at UOWD Dubai. After completing the course, not only am I fluent but also confident in communicating in English. Thanks to them now I can speak fluently
    Here’s the link for the one’s interested to follow :

  • turgut cosan

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    I am a student who wants to improve his english.
    I think, The best way to learn English is to be get familiar with it. Example : to go abroad
    But I dont want/cant afford to go abroad. So i created a forum about learning english.

    You can;

    * share everything all about English
    * help members or get help by them
    * do live chat with all members or only friends.
    * join groups and discuss all about your favorites

    Come and Let's learn english together...

    All the best,

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    This is Omela from ESL JOY and I would like to invite you to take advantage of our limited FREE trial English class starting today until January 15, 2012. All you have to do is like us in Facebook and reply to this email and tell us your facebook username. If you don't have facebook but would like to try our English classes, do tell us and we will still accommodate you. Add me in skype too so I can help you arrange for the trial class. My ID is teacher_omela. Thanks!

  • hiya

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    you need a doctor mate



    posted by  REDHA REHMAN in Dubai forum 

    Dear Pater, i am not funny but, you are more than FUNNY. and pls don't teach anyone because if you teach you will spoil. try some other job. lol


    look at your words what you have written?

    posted by  REDHA REHMAN in Dubai forum 

    do you want to learn english or you are offering your services as a teacher.
    " HI GUYS , I AM PATER I LIVE IN DUBAI NOW WHO WANT TO LEARN ENGLISH PLS CONTACT ME ON YAHOO.THANK "........ this means, you want to learn english. so, correct yourself.
    and do not try to prove me wrong because i have been learning english for 6 years in England and i am teaching also but this is not my full time profession.

  • daniela boldea

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    I want to improve my english and make new friends

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