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life of single working woman in dubai

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hii!! i am an Indian and have recently got a ob opportunity in Dubai in hotel industry, though i am totally excited about it but at the same time I am little apprehensive about it too. as i don't really know anyone there and its completely an alien land for me. so i would like to know if Dubai is a good place to stay alone for a woman..all the suggestions are extremely welcome..

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  • hi

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    thnx abdul for your reply..i do understand that we need to adjust according to the place. i could u plz throw some light on wht all adjustment in my lyfstyle do i hv think as i belong from a metropolitn city of india i.e Delhi nd have really a very free lyf here in terms of dressng and moving around the city.. could u plzz suggst smethng in this regard so tht i could come prepard for tht..

    thnx, tk cr..

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    hey ritika,

    posted by  Neer J in Dubai forum 

    Hey Ritika,

    I am also from delhi. Life is much more comfortable here and safety is excellent for everyone especially for women. I haven't seen anyone so far who is doing any kind of big adjustments. Though people always says that its a muslim country and u should not wear revealing clothes but what i have seen everyone wears what they like to, western, indian, no need of adjustments in clothing but yeah if u do have a boyfriend or husband, then both should not show too much intimacy in public places like kissing but hugs n holding arms are absolutely ok...though still its not allowed but everyone do...i m saying what i have seen here so far...rules are everywhere but it doesnt mean they r getting followed 100%. Noone cares and interested in anyone's life here...alcohol consumption is illegal outside but in pubs n bars absolutely fine and legal..for home drinkers...can buy only via license. Food is amajing and night life is wonderful. So many events are happenning round the year. beaches are great...malls are amajing for shopping and international brands with reasonable prices...great cars to buy and cheaper as well but need to get license is perfect for girls and boys from metropolitan cities like delhi, bombay, and european cities and US ones...u'll find almost every national here but mostly you will see Indians, chines and phillepinos...europeans and americans lives in central part mostly...overall life is wonderful for open minded and free life kinda people...just respect the local people(arabs) traditions and their festivals...and rest of the things are absolutey great themselves...i hope i have cleared your some of any queries you can email me on [...]
    have a nice day! nice to see a delhite here...

  • Sumanth Marco


    posted by  Sumanth Marco in Dubai forum 

    I dont know much but life for a woman is simply too easy around here.. You shouldnt be worrying at all.. woman here are given all the respect and prefrence. And if your single.. you ll have a ball...

  • Sumanth Marco


    posted by  Sumanth Marco in Dubai forum 

    just be your self.. dont worry about dressing.. your not in the taliban. This is Dubai

  • Jeet Jeet

    Just Be Normal

    posted by  Jeet Jeet in Dubai forum 

    Life as you know is never easy for a girl in any part of the world. I am sure that you are intellegent enough to know the rights and wrongs of the world. So my advice to you is, just be normal, and have a good time. Take care and have fun while you stay in Dubai. Cheers!!!!

  • Zeen usman


    posted by  Zeen usman in Dubai forum 

    hai ritika
    congrats. Dubai is safe for you if u wish. u can live in the way u like. no one disturbs you. be good and strong.

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    Nothing to Worry

    posted by  Vasu Dev in Dubai forum 


    Nothing to worry ..Dubai is heaven and it all depends upon how you want to be. A female can go alone even in the midnight...its the greatness of Dubai.


  • Jeet Jeet

    Just be Normal

    posted by  Jeet Jeet in Dubai forum 

    Life as you know is never easy for a girl in any part of the world. I am sure that you are intellegent enough to know the rights and wrongs of the world. So my advice to you is, just be normal, and have a good time. Take care and have fun while you stay in Dubai. Cheers!!!!

  • Iqbal Marikar


    posted by  Iqbal Marikar in Dubai forum 

    Dear Sister,

    Have a nice day. I am Iqbal and i am here working in Dubai. I am from Srilanka. Here is safe for women to stay there is have no problem. If you want to contact me you can contact me at any time ok dear. If you dont mind i like to make good friendship with you. I am honest and genuine person. My mail is [...] and my mobile number is +971507457720 ok dear. Take care i will explane to you all the things so do not worry now you have a friend here.

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    safe place ...Dubai

    posted by  khalid youseph in Dubai forum 

    I Think, It is better than India....for safe life...
    here quite and easy.
    you will get many indian lady sharing accommodation.
    some area known we for Indian Community
    like KARAMA, MEENA BAZAR ...etc.
    if any not hesitate to revert


  • hii

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    thank you so mch to all of u for ur replies.. it hs hlped me alot wid my decisin.. u all hv mde my inhibitn fade in grtr way..thnk u soo mch. can any1 tel me hws d cost of livng in dubai as in hw mch AED is enough to sustain der as i am getng arnd 3000 AED + accomodatn+ travllng.. is it enough to stay der in a comfrtble way.

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    living in dubai

    posted by  malik anand in Dubai forum 

    hi rithika, i am from delhi too, serviving in dubai is not an easy job, even you have free accomodation your personal earnings should be above 5000 AED to have a comfortable life, being a single women you can servcie in your emoluments, but you need to have a keep your self away from extravagnza, choice is yours, you want to take home some or just want to pass life here! it is all personal, nver try to break the loal ethos, no one is going to troble you ever, indians are the most lawabiding people here, have a nice day

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    posted by  David .E EMMANUEL in Dubai forum 

    Iam David which hotel you get the job .this is most important. now everthing is expenses here
    make friend you should very very carefully

    here all movie you can see .all indain food you get

    good numbers indian staying here like ( karama , burdubai , deira ) where ever you go in dubai you find indian what you want more than that .

    god bless you

    david E

  • Jeet Jeet


    posted by  Jeet Jeet in Dubai forum 

    It all depends on your lifestyle and socializing!! We have people here working for 1000AED and these people save a lot...and on the other hand we have guys earning 30000 and not saving a penny at all. So it all depends on how you plan your finances. Everything in Dubai and its Malls look atractive and will create an urge for spending... So you have to have the will power to save.
    Cheers!! and enjoy your stay when you are in Dubai.

  • Sumanth Marco


    posted by  Sumanth Marco in Dubai forum 

    I was just oserving the number of replies you been getting.. Guess you had al the magic words in it.. single and woman.. I posted a discussion about my life in dubai.. Do u know how many responses I got? U shud see for ur self..

  • Shahzad Ali


    posted by  Shahzad Ali in Dubai forum 

    Hi there .... AED 3000/= is a tight survival & Aed-5000/= is a normal survival . And rdg the place .... every place have got its goods & bads . Compare to your home country , Dubai is much better , but still it did not mean there is a 100% pure everything . You need to take care of yourself ...

    Thanx .

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    posted by  ahamed deen in Dubai forum 

    Dear Ritika!
    No need t worry, my self have to take care of you. so, if you want I can take you anywhere. please me reply. then only i can make it confirm.

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    Good to take suggestion...

    posted by  Lathif Sheriff in Dubai forum 

    i am working for a hotel industry since 6years, Well life is good in dubai, you are secured if you are coming here on employment visa. Check your package first it should be Salary+visa+sharing accomodation ( depents on your position)+meals on duty+ uniform, 9hrs shift+ weekly off ++etc. Dubai is second India. Language spoke commonly first - Hindi, English, and then Arabic, so dont worry about communication. people are friendly here, work at ease. You are Indian woman, climb for success. All the Best..
    Lathif ...... [...]

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    posted by  melcom marshall in Dubai forum 

    Well no worries, this country is completely safe and sound. U dont have to worry for anything. Take care.

  • Hi Ritika,

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Hi, trust you have got many many replies, suggestions and advices by now. let me contribute from my side as well. As another freind suggested, it is important that which hotel are you going to work. Dubai is a wonderful place to live & survive with its freedom & safety. It is one of the best places in the world to live in with its safety and freedom but one has to be very very careful in protecting herself from other influences as well. If you are a brave, confident, bold & self reliant , then no need to worry

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