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maternity in dubai

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my wife and I are both British and living in Dubai. We are now expecting our first child and are a little scared of what to expect from hospitals in Dubai and on what to keep in mind (authority-wise) once the baby is born.
Has anybody here any experience???

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    In our clinic are 3 gynecologists (Swedish and Austrian board), babyclinic with antenatal classes, postnatal services babymassage, yoga,...available, pediaricans also.
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    04-34 87 140

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    For Western and French Community in Dubai:

    Dr Mira Bajirova
    Consultant Ob-Gyn, IVF (Paris)
    Euromed Clinic
    Jumeirah Beach Road

    For her background:

    She published many scientific articles:

    She speaks several languages: fluently English, French, Russian and basically Spanish, Arabic, Chinese

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    hi patrick.
    first of all: congrats! :)
    second: i found this on the internet. was helpful when my French work colleague was pregnant.

    You can visit a Government Hospital with a health card and free or low fees for care and delivery. Expect to pay at least a few hundred dhs and possibly a couple of thousand for everything. There will be extra charges if there are complications and/or you choose to have a private room (usually a few hundred dhs per day). Al Wasl Hospital near the Wafi Center seems to be the preferred choice of many opting for delivery in a Government Hospital but other options include Al Maktoum and Rashid Hospitals. See further below for contact details and individual hospital comments.

    You'll need a government health card, marriage certificate, passport copies for you and your husband, and possibly some evidence of where you live (rent contract, phone bill, DEWA bill). Phone the hospital of your choice to find out when to go and register.

    If you have private medical insurance (which includes pregnancy) or lots of money, then you can try one of the private hospitals like American hospital, Welcare hospital, or start with one of the private gynaecological clinics in Dubai. Delivery fees at Welcare and American hospital are about 10,000 - 20,000 dhs depending on whether or not you have a ceasarean section. Al Zahra Hospital in Sharjah (they have a medical clinic in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road for check-ups and tests but deliveries are performed at the hospital in Sharjah) may be a bit cheaper.

    Some hospitals offer ante-natal packages for example about 4,000 dhs at American Hospital for visits and tests (not including delivery though).

    Dubai Healthcare City (behond the Wafi Center) is currently under development and is expected to have a variety of clinics catering to all medical needs.

    * Once you've chosen a hospital to give birth at, phone them a few weeks before delivery to register and pre-arrange some of the paperwork.
    * When the child is born, the hospital should give you a Notification of Birth document, in Arabic. Use this to get a birth certificate.
    1. Go to Al Baraha Birth Certificate Office at Al Baraha Hospital with passports/residence visas and copies from both parents, and marriage certificate.
    2. They'll give you an Arabic birth certificate after a couple of days, cost about 50 dhs. You can get it translated to English for a further fee of 50+ dhs.
    3. Take the birth certificate to the Ministry of Health office at the hospital to get it attested (~10 dhs).
    4. Take the attested birth certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get it attested again (~50 dhs)
    * All, or most, government and related departments are open about 0800-1300 Sun to Thu, some may be open until 1400 or from 0700.
    * If the Date of Birth is much less than 9 months after your marriage date, you may find it difficult to get the birth certificate. Eventually it'll get done though - a bigger time difference will usually mean less hassle hence the importance of getting married as soon as possible after discovering you are pregnant.

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