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permanent ban because of hepatitis b

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Hi everyone, i am a new user in this and i would like to join the forum page. I have read from gulfnews ,khaleejtimes and the national that the department of health in dubai had amended their rules for medical and that hepatitis b and c will not be included on the requirement would this mean that those ex expat deported can now go back to Dubai and work?what about those people being deported of hep. b and was put with permanent ban becuase of hep. b. is there a possibility that they can re-enter again Dubai please let me know becuase i have asuch a close friend who was deported becuase she has a hep.b.... hope to hear from you guys.

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    posted by  pia piano in Dubai forum 

    mas mapabilis pa yan kapag sinabay mo un synthetic medicine mo.. kase un immune system booster ay isa din sia na tutulong sa pag patay ng mga bacteria natin sa katawan,, kung mapansin mo kapag nasugatan tau.. bigla na lang nag hihilom khit hindi natin ginagamot.. immune system din natin gumagawa non.. kapag diabetic na .... hind na naghihilom ang sugat.. kase mahina na immune system.. kaya laht ng mga sakit natin ay dahil sa nanghina na talaga immune system.. may point ba ako? kaya nga un formulator nito ay doctor din at dumaan din sila madami clinical studies at millions of dollars na din ang ginastos nila para mailabas ito.. anyway nasan ka ba? andito na ba sa pinas?

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    helo denise

    posted by  pia piano in Dubai forum 

    isa ka sa mapalad at nkita ko post mo kase dami nag hahanap ng ibang makakatulong sa mga problema na ganyan lalo na sa hepa .. sabi nga nila wala na 2nd chances.. noon un.. pero hindi na sa panahon na ito.. ganito kase un.. kapag mahina immune system natin according to studies madali na lang tayo ng kakasakit kase hindi na nakakapaglaban ang cells natin sa mga bacteria.. viruses pathogens etc etc.. now ito.. habang umiinom ka synthetic medicine ay humihina immune system mo dahil nga synthetic nga un madami sia nasisira na ibang good cells.. so ito ngaun dapat uminom ka ng pam pa boost ng immune system mo.. AIM transfer factor.. can detects 100,000 of pathogens bacteria viruses.. at madami pa.. A- is for antioxidant I- is immune support M- metabolic support plus transfer factor na extracted cholostrum from cow.. cow ay mammals na pareho lang natin as human.... so lahat yan palalakasin nia resistensia natin.. transfer factor ay sia na bahala madedect un virus ng hepa.. maiihi mo yan o maittae mo so need din na uminom ka madami tubig if uminon ka nito.. kailangan nian ay 3 sa umaga 3 sa tanghali at 3 sa gabi.. no over dose ito dahil food lang ito.. cancer stage 4 nga kinakaya na e.. megadose talaga.. at aids.. magaling sa mga bacteria kase ito e..

  • naturewalker SG

    Hepa B

    posted by  naturewalker SG in Dubai forum 

    I'm curious too... how can you cure hepa b within months? Are you working in the healthcare industry and is it your specialization? How can you help a person with hepa b unless you are working in the healthcare industry.... recent research claims that to cure hepa b the patient's only ally is time... wait until the body's immune system kills the virus (if the person is lucky) and will take years to do that not within 2 months. I hope you are not scamming our kabayan and other people with hepa b...

  • Hep. B

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Hi Pia Piano,

    Thanks for sharing the story here but curious lang ako how can you clear the hepa. virus from ur body or in blood right away in a span of months when may cases na hanggang forever na tong virus na eto.


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    hi denise,

    posted by  pia piano in Dubai forum 

    i am filipina.. naawa naman ako sa sitwasyon mo.. want to help..kase dami na namin natulungan about there problems of hepa..kase dapat i boost mo muna immune system mo.. kaya tau nag kkasakit dahil sa mahina na immune system natin ..madali na nahahawa.. .. un natulungan namin ay nag aaply naman ..after 2 months negative na sia for hepa..

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    hello sir

    posted by  rodelio gonzales in Dubai forum 

    thanks you very much sir with your reply..more power to you sir and God Bless.

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    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Hi Rodelio,

    I am not the best person you can inquire about that becuase i am also just gathereng information about the issue but if you want you call the Al Muhasinah Fitness Centre in dubai this is one of the government hospital where they accept test for employment.I al ready contact this clinic a month ago about the new rules and yes they can tell if the work you are apply is included in the 6 categories , here are the details ,the contact person and his direct line please let me know what his feedback then. good luck hope things will get be better.

    Mr. Abdul Sannar his direct line is 04 5023914 / 04 5023913

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    pls help

    posted by  rodelio gonzales in Dubai forum 

    may ask some question pls,, is the pest control technicians are not included in 6 categories of hepab carrier? i'm also a hpb carrier and trying to work in dubai as a pest control technician but i am worried about the issue hepa carrier is not allowed to enter in dubai or any place..i applied once to work in dubai but i failed the medical exam tha t the result is i am not fit to wiork,other than that i passed all the medical and physical examinations, except the hepa b only..that my application for work is cancelled.
    right now sir, i applied another company in dubai also, but im afraid again to fail me my medical result due to hepa b here in yhe phil waiting for my medical schedule.. and i hope that there is no problem at all regarding to hepa carrier. i will highly appreciate your immediate response with my problem and burden.. and i am happy to work hard in dubai with different people to work for..thanks

  • Hepa B ban

    posted by Deleted user in Dubai forum 

    Yes engineering jobs is not n the 6 categories and presume his is actually not included in the test . iguess the best department you can inquire is the clinic in Dubai. try call al Muhaisnah fitness centre or al baraha and ask you want to inquire about hepa b cases in al muhaisnah you can ask for the person Mr. Abdul Sannar in bock 4 of the centre he is incharge of the inquires of this cases.


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    Hepatitis B Carrier

    posted by  zxy axis in Dubai forum 

    dear can anybody tell me according to new rules by ministry of health Hepa B carrier will be tested for only six categories.
    is this new policy have been implemented and for other categories like engineering they are accepting candidates with HEPA B carrier.
    plz update if there are any new cases.

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