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reasonable salary to live on

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Hi i am potentially moving to Dubai early next year as a legal sec for a large international law firm. What is a realistic salary to live on? i am used to Cayman and Bermuda prices so housing costs wont be a shock (tho i have been told most things are cheap in terms of groceries, taxis etc) and that housing will be your biggest cost. ive heard most companies help you out with housing costs.. is this true as this has not been mentone to me so i just want to make sure i wont be living on no money when i finally get there. Also is it completely tax free - no tax at all? and finally is it easy to meet people as a single ex pat (not for dating just friends?). Is the Marina nice place and central area to live in.. i will be flat sharing probably to save on costs.

thanks for any info you can give me,

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    I have a job offer to work with Emirates as a ground crew..
    accommodation and transport is provided. The pay that i'm being offered is about AED4600.
    is it possible to save at all. I read groceries are expensive too, but i don't exactly have any idea about it other than reading it in the web. thank you


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    hope you are fine.
    would you like to tell me more about your experiences of racism?
    and please write me at [...] because you have been deleted here.


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    Spaculating the depth of the sea, standing on the shore is not a good idea.
    my dear, dubai is the most expensive city of the world. house rents are at the top, food is not cheaper even and taxi fares can't conpensate the inflation. companies provide house rents but this also depends on what job you have and what company is giving you a job?
    i am paying 4000 AED/month and i have just a small room. paying 2000 AED/ month for food excluding alcohols.
    Dubai Marina is good place but expensive too. Dubai is the most expensive but not the beautiful city. social life is not even better. friends you can have but keep on finding good friends...................and the dating? this depends how you want it.
    anyway, if you want a job in Dubai, you have to come here and find the realities.

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    Dear all;

    In case the accomodation is already available...,what would be then the minimum income covering the normal daily (transportation,food & beverage)?

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    Good luck in Dubai. I was born in abu dhabi and raised in dubai. Ive spent 19 years of my life in UAE. i have always been a subject to racism in UAE and i believe every one living in UAE has experienced it. Please do have a back up plan.

    I am muslim but still my family was constantly abused by racism. i am south asian. my father who has worked for the united arab bank for 25 years simply got laid off without an explanation just so that they could give his position to a national.

    Hopefully your employers will be loyal to quality of work.

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    I'm looking to relocate to Dubai in the next few months, and am now a little concerned it'll be too expensive!
    Any advice on shared accomodation please and of affordable gyms (with classes - combat, attack, pump etc) would be most appreciated!



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    Hi Jodie

    I'm in a similar situation to you, and was actually wondering just the same thing :) Think most of the questions I had have been answered on the thread. Though one thing I have seen from a lot of the preliminary looking around for accommodation that I've done, is that sharing with other folk doesn't seem to be a lot cheaper than having a studio to yourself (thought obviously not for bills, but they don't look to be a big expense). It's almost as though you'll pay for the privilege of having some company! Though I guess with the housing market as turbulent as it is over there at the moment, always going to be some odd stuff going on!


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    thanks all for the info/feedback. I will be roughly earning 22,000 so i believe i will be able to live quite comfortably, esp if flat sharing. It is working with an international law firm and flights are paid for and my medical expenses so i have a solid contract in place.

    many thanks for posting your replies.


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    Well, it really does depend on where you work and your salary. It also depends on what standard of living you can accept. Marina is one of the most expensive places in Dubai, but you can get quite a good one bedroom flat for about 55,000 a year. You have to know that you'll pay 5% of the annual rent municipality fees, and around 300 - 500 monthly water, electricity & AC bills.I bet you could find sharing a flat alot more convenient, for about 2000 monthly, depending on the area.

    I'm sorry Marrilyn had such a negative experience in Dubai, but I'm pretty sure you will enjoy Dubai, with the right income I guess. I'd say the absolute minimum would be 8000 with sharing accommodation, 10 or 12 if you'll live in a studio on your own.

    A good idea would be to look at google maos, find out where your office is, then look for flats or studios on , , , , and any other websites you might discover through google.. This might give you a clearer picture..

    Good luck!

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