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    It's all in the perspective!

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    Well, it really does depend on where you work and your salary. It also depends on what standard of living you can accept. Marina is one of the most expensive places in Dubai, but you can get quite a good one bedroom flat for about 55,000 a year. You have to know that you'll pay 5% of the annual rent municipality fees, and around 300 - 500 monthly water, electricity & AC bills.I bet you could find sharing a flat alot more convenient, for about 2000 monthly, depending on the area.

    I'm sorry Marrilyn had such a negative experience in Dubai, but I'm pretty sure you will enjoy Dubai, with the right income I guess. I'd say the absolute minimum would be 8000 with sharing accommodation, 10 or 12 if you'll live in a studio on your own.

    A good idea would be to look at google maos, find out where your office is, then look for flats or studios on www.dubizzle.com , www.bayut.com , www.bhomes.com , www.landmark-dubai.com , and any other websites you might discover through google.. This might give you a clearer picture..

    Good luck!

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