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Car insurance in the UK

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I recently moved from the Netherlands to the UK and I'm having trouble finding insurance for my car.
Can anyone help me find a company with a decent price for car insurance.


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    At the moment, i'm going through the process of an car insurancee claim due to a car accident. I feel that because the Government want to stop claims and the NHS want to make cut backs.

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    Hi Eric,

    You will not be able to get insurance if;

    You do not have UK plates
    You do not have a perminant address(reg with the council would be better)
    You do not have a bank account

    If you have the above you can go or best places to get a good price on your insurance

    hope this helps!

    Kind regards

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    posted by Deleted user in United Kingdom forum 

    Hi Eric,

    A few years ago I got Tesco Car Insurance. I found it that it was the cheapest in the market, around £35 per month for third party. Tough we are talking of 2004-2006 prices.

    Good Luck,


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