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HI! I am student from Argentina. I´m looking for someone who can talk in english so I can improve my english level

  • Sam S.

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    Where are you exactly? I am sure if you just look through the classifieds, you will be able to find someone to help you out. There are also lots of online possibilities if you think that would be a good way for you to go. Just the other day I found this page page that I thought was really neat. Basically it shows you a bunch of synonyms. I am pretty sure that could help you improve your english. You could even make a game out of it. Like "how many words do I know that mean the same as....". Good luck!

  • Go to Debbie Green's profile

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    Not sure if you are in London but there are many courses in English on offer, if you cannot afford it then go to the library where you can sit with a head phone and listen to a disk in English.

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