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    Freecallee Best & Cheap Voip

    posted by  John Alex in United Kingdom forum 

    Freecallee Best & Cheap Voip

    posted by Shreya Ramachandran in United Kingdom forum 14 Dec 2015, 12:54

    I have used a few service providers like Voipdiscount, Skype, RingtoIndia, Rebtel, Airtel Global Talk and Freecallee. My two cents,

    -Voipdiscount has increased their rates to 1.7c/min.
    -Skype Quality is not good. Also, there is connection fee.
    -RingtoIndia provides at 1c/min. Pretty good rate. But Quality is very bad.
    -Rebtel has managable quality. Only their subscriptions provide cheap rates and I don't use 3000 minutes in a month.
    -Freecallee quality is Excellent. Rates are 1.2c/min only. They have recently launched a Flexible talk plan where you can call as low as 0.9c/min to India without monthly subscription or validity period. There is little reduced quality, but it doesn't affect me much with a good Internet connection.
    -Airtel talk again provides at 0.1 c/min with the worst quality. Call Drops. False charging. And no Refunds provided.


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