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Company Number: 7407375
Company Registered Address: 1414 London Road, Norbury, London, SW16 4BZ
Registered in England

Sales Support Phone: 0044-2079930204
E-mail : [...]

Phone : 0044-2079930211
E-mail : [...]

Gupshup connection is advertised daily on UK based Pakistani based sky channels especially ARY ONE NEWS. They claim that you can enjoy unlimited calls to Pakistan for just £15.
you have to pay £90 as activation fee but in there promotion period you only have to pay £30 to start with in LLYDS TSB sort code 308468, Account number 27909260. they built you confidence by saying don’t give us your bank details and pay cash in our bank account (which is safer with the reference number given by them on first call).
They will ask to buy 02 mobile pay as you go contracts as they will provide you with an access number which only works on o2 mobile network.
Once you do all that they use delaying tactics and say we haven’t received any payments from you at all. We don’t know you!
When I got a bit angry they gave me a fake access code (mobile number) which doesn’t work and is a premium number (which means that every time you call on this number you will be charged).

Their website mentions use of CDMA phones but what they say is completely different!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one answers call from their customer service number 02079930211.
On other numbers same person answers the call and every time tells a different name!

Please stop advertising them as you may be making money but innocent people are robbed by your cooperation. How can ARY advertise without checking the reputation of the companies?

I hope they can be stopped and taken to court and innocent people are saved from their scam.


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    SLAM S Ahmed bhai i hope you will be fine there .... Ahmed bhai realy you are saying absolutel rite i amagreed with you and your precious opinion...

    We do not care of ours feelings and thinkings and blame to any others thats not fair..

    " REALITY IS BITTER BUT WE DO NOT ACCEPT IT " Here these littles words for those whose blame to any others.

    Thanks S.Ahmed

    Kind Regards:

    Riyaraja cust id is: MS-5001

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    Listen me carfuly all the peoples which they are using gupshup connection and mymagicon, Firstly, let me tell you i am using gupshup connection last 2years at that time gupshup connection offered only 1 number in pakistan i am totaly satisfied from that 1 number. I can say and will proof that i am satisfied...And then second i subscribed the other offer which was interduced from gup shup connection by name mymagicon. I took this service and now a days i am using 3numbers in pakistan and 1 number in dubai and 1 in Japan. In the 5months time period i have no complains from mymagicon and their whole team sales department and support department and espically i have soooooo happy from divertation department where mr.Ali fully co-operated with me wether in day time and any other time like that at late night, i am sooooo thankful to mr Ali because he provide me personaly attention give for me.

    I do not know oue honorable muslims brothers miising talk against gupshup connection and mymagicon i do not know what they want to say and want to do....................................................?

    Any way every persons have own thinking and own choices but i do not want to say nothing about our any good and honorable mslims (GOD GIVE THEM THE RITE PATH ) AAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEN.

    S.Ahmed MS-5721


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    for mr malik zeeshan

    posted by  s ashraf in United Kingdom forum 

    Just to let you know that i am not mentally disturbed person.. in ramdan atleast you should not use such kind of words.. what i m telling its true.. no body tell me that this magic call connection works on 3G network,, when i paid money and asked for access number then they goes no you have to have either Orange or O2 network and you have to buy separate contract of orange or o2.. if you would be at my side then what would you do ? anyways you are happy point was that they should tell customers before hand that our services are only for orange and o2 users..if one person is paying 35 quids on one contract then he is not stupid to buy another contract.. if you think i am wrong anywhere then i would feel sorry for you..anyways its long discussion and money does not matter for me,, its only trust you make up and services which you are expecting

    jazakALLAH brother

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    SLAM to all and HAPPY RAMDAN, i am a customer of magic call, And i have been using this from 04 months. And i am regular customer of magic call. My whole family is using this service and thay are all happy with the services of gupshup connection.

    I am disappointed to read all the comments of above posted here, really mentaly disturbed i do not know what they want from gupshup connection because they provided us very exclusive and reliable services from here. Gupshup connection sorted our money problems, where we spend a lot of our money on phone calls to our dear ones in the world but now a days we know we can make calls unlimited any where in the world just with in 15pounds a month. I know its not belivable but gupshup connection is providing us whole a month with in 15pounds a month....

    thanks gupshup connecton and magic call

    A Zeeshan my customer id is MS-5584

    take care all the guys of gupshup connection

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    Thanks GUPSHUP CONNECTION realy happy to hear that i can change my desired destination numberagain thanks. I will contact to CS team very soon.

    Shahan Shah

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    Hi Mr Shahan Shah,

    Yes ! Ofcourse you may change your desired numbers by calling our CS team, plz make sure your account should be up to date in order to deal with ur request & it would take 24hrs max...

    Kind Regards,

    GupShup Team!

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    HI GUPSHUP CONNECTION i am your existing customer of GS-20458 and i am also using your other new offers unlimited calls to anywhere in the world last 02months now i want to change my all 5destinations numbers, so, can i change this ? and how much time will be required for it......................?

    My second customer id is MS-578...

    Shahan shah from Dundee,Scotland

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    THANKS GUPSHUP wow i have reffered my 03friends to join your service and 03months free for me wow GUPSHUP graet now i am saying....... " YAQEEN NAHI AATA NA " .........

    Espicaly thanks for MR.Zubair Qureshi he is the senior manager of sales dept and one your guy mr.tahir shortly i want to say GUPSHUP seems my family home in uk...

    LOVE GUPSHUP CONNECTION & thanks whole your nice team.

    Love and regards:

    Riyaraja cust id is : MS-5001

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    Hi Riya,

    Good to hear that you've liked our services and refering your friednds and families. YES! ofcourse you'll get favor from us as long as you'll introduce some1, plz get in contact with our Sales Team and ask for supervisor. you may give him the referance of this online forum.

    Kind Regards,

    GupShup Team!

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    Hello GUPSHUP CONNECTION anybody there ? i am askimg you something which i want to chase any kind of favour...............Please tell me asap.

    i am still awaiting for your kind reply...............

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