• Slam to all my mulim pakistani bros and sis no need to worry to refund money from gupshup connection

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    Slam to all my muslim pakistani bros and sis i want ot discuss you who destroy their money from a well known uk based fraud company which is the ne is GUPSHUP CONNECTION.

    All my dears no need to worry that let me tell you if GUPSHUP CONNECTION is not refunding your money so simply you need to contact FSA( Financial Services Authorites ) just simple call to FSA, let see the GUPSHUP CONNECTION bastard refund the money. Its reality like this you can refund your money from them. With two working days will refund your money strait away in your bank account,besides this you can not refund your money from them.

    For further assitance you can share with me without hasitation Inshallah i will help you where it is possible.

    Take Care my all Pakistani Muslim bros and sis

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