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    for mr malik zeeshan

    posted by  s ashraf in United Kingdom forum 

    Just to let you know that i am not mentally disturbed person.. in ramdan atleast you should not use such kind of words.. what i m telling its true.. no body tell me that this magic call connection works on 3G network,, when i paid money and asked for access number then they goes no you have to have either Orange or O2 network and you have to buy separate contract of orange or o2.. if you would be at my side then what would you do ? anyways you are happy ...my point was that they should tell customers before hand that our services are only for orange and o2 users..if one person is paying 35 quids on one contract then he is not stupid to buy another contract.. if you think i am wrong anywhere then i would feel sorry for you..anyways its long discussion and money does not matter for me,, its only trust you make up and services which you are expecting

    jazakALLAH brother

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