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    Dear Zeeshan,
    You must be disappointed what they have done with me. If they are very good with you and providing you good service that's nice to hear and really shocked, however whatsoever they have done with us it is really unbelievable. You must read notice board carefully they did not tell me anything about you must have an unlimited calls network of O2 or either Orange. But why not this has not been told us initially? This is a first rule of good customer services to tell consumer in detail about new product.

    Secondly why do they disconnect the call as soon as if you asked for refund? Although they have promised me you have been misguided and we will give you refund but it is more than a month why not they are giving me refund.

    I have provided my customer ID as well as requested but still no one has taken any respond.

    I am still happy to take this service if you allow this service on 3 mobile. I am a Muslim, why I should lie and misguide people; I just want to spread this information as much as I can that you must have an orange or O2 contract for unlimited calls although this is their job.

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