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    fraud company

    posted by  raheel khan in United Kingdom forum 

    Mr Ashraf
    i am totally agree this is exactly what happend with me.they initially has not told me anything about you must have an unlimited call netwrok of O2 OR ORANGE if you are intersted in this package.
    if someone tell me why should i wish to but this service on 3 network when they do not run this service on 3 network. why should i pay them £25 when i would know i will not get service of unlimited calls. this is totally misguided from their customer representatives.
    i have already running one contract and if i wil but new contract of unlimted calls of cross network which is in my opinion not less than at least £60 p/m and pay them £15 every month aswell. total cost will be approximately £75-£80
    which is in my opinion is too much

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