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How to deal with a foreign husband who is insensitive

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My husband is a foreigner and he is quite insensitive when it comes to my cultural beliefs and practices. For instance, whenever I talk to our kid about my cultural beliefs, my husband would dismiss me and tell me to stop brainwashing the kid. I’m only trying to tell my kid how their mom’s cultural roots work. My husband was not this insensitive before. It only started recently when our kid started asking me about my religious beliefs. How do I call my husband out on this? I really want to talk to him but I have no idea how to open up. Need advice.

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    Do the same with him

    posted by  Andreea Iovita in United Kingdom forum 

    Try the same approach, dismiss what your husband says to the child. Usually, a test of its own medicine calms everybody down. Or even better: if he doesn't agree what you talk with the child, let him be fully responsible for his education. There's no reason to accept such an attitude.

  • Musiri Kumarasw Muthu Kumar

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    act with trusted responsibility. Give him good education.
    need to make your child a married and a family man with successful marriage
    he can understand and it is his choice

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    first of all i know for sure that it's a very tense experience for you
    however all issues can be fixed by dialogue you build something beautiful together with the man you love called (family).
    try to have privet chat with your husband and try to find the commune points between your believes.
    if both of you are believers i guess you have more point in common.
    all things can be fixed by dialogue, and try to be positive focusing in the full half of the glass.
    good luck i hope you will have a bright future.

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    it is your right to induce your culture in your children

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    Yea, that’s really a tough situation that you’re in. What is your husband religion btw? You should talk with your husband privately and discuss the boundaries that you and him can share about each other’s belief. Parents doesn’t need to agree to each other’s beliefs but at least, both should know to respect.

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