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I have lived in England since my birth in 1960.
London is NOT England. It is another country. Some 26 of my relations have left the place. If you do end up there always be sure with whom you make friends and trust your most basic instincts.
The British are generally gentle and fair and take people at face value. In the north you will get more people talking to you just for the sake of talking. Queuing is a must. People do notice manners but keep quiet about it. Good employers notice if you pay attention to detail in appearance and your work.

Good luck and God bless.

  • gloria diana

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    i love england but never been there.can some assist me in making my dream of living in england a realty.thank you

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    we have the national health service in this country and it is free...Im not sure how it works for visitors but i do know that if you are here on a working visa you dont have to pay for it. Hope your well claudia and hope you can come soon

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    i love xmas in gemany...the xmas markets....the glu vin.....the smell of the xmas biscuits :)
    god i miss germany for its fests and xmas :)
    we are a tradtional country like germany so celebrate xmas with a passion...holland can be better for new year but london will be packed as will any major city with 36 hour parties going on.....even here in sleepy devon i went to a 36 hour party (see facebook page lol ) and then was invited to house parties of people i had only just met :).....let me know if your coming to england you have made a friend here already :)
    hope you and family are well and look forward to talking again
    if i can help i will.....everyone wants happiness but the true way to reach perfect happiness is to bring it to others :)

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    i lived all over germany but was mainly based near frankfurt....koln lovely tho....did you climb those 10,000 odd steps around the cathederal? always wanted to go to south america....been to most places around the world but only got as far as mexico.
    not sure about visa....couldn't you come on holiday first? could help you find work but would need a copy of your C.V or could forward you suitable positions and you could apply yourself....probably be easeir if you were already here tho

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    sorry kern is my nickname lol

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    your degree will get you work....not everyone has one here lol....the other questions you ask really depend on where you live.....if you decide to go birmingham can give you a list of areas to avoid and the same with london.....some great places.....some you DO NOT go to at night....the best place to meet people i always think will be through work and any interests you have....try not to meet people in the pub at first or you will get a closed opinoin of people lol.
    When were you thinking of coming claudia? I lived in germany for two years where are you at the moment?

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    posted by  justin mash in United Kingdom forum 

    would be nice if we lived in fairy land and everyone was lovely to each other.....truth is far from that....your accent will matter as some people are racist and can be nasty....i dont sugar coat my reponses and tell it how it is....i had a german girlfriend and know the comments she used to get.....I have lived and worked all over this country and know it like the back of my hand. i find it laughable when people seem to think there opinion has so much more validity than the next man and emplore you to take everyones opinion in to consideration....only then can you extrapolate what this country is about....we have a bad side.....we have a good side....only when you wiegh up both can you truley make an informed decision.

    like i said before cvb and bedo....ask anything....i only have my views and my thruth for you :)

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    Hi Neil

    Thanks for your reply

    I'm moving there to live with my British wife and yeah i work in the IT career and i think my english is good as far, well i hope so lol
    i want know how's people there in Sheffield and things in general if u know what i mean.

    thanks for your wish and wish u the same bk


  • Neil de Reybekill

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    Hi Bedo,

    I don't know whether any of these replies have been useful.

    I am not in Sheffield, but your situation will depend on why you are coming over here. Are you coming to study at university or to join family? Have you got a job lined-up already?

    All of these will be crucial in how you settle in, because they can give you a circle of people to help you settle in.

    But, top of the list as far as advice goes is to learn English... Keep at it - go to classes in your spare time - it really is worth it. You won't really be accepted without good English.

    But, anyway, I wish you the very best of luck...


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