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Seeking Immigration Advice On Revoking a Deportation Order

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I arrived in the United Kingdom in 1989 on a visitors visa, an application was made on my behalf by my older sister in February 1990 as a student which was refused. The secretary of states also refused a late application for leave to remain as a dependent of my sister in July without a right of appeal, an appeal was dismissed in 1995. A deportation order was then served in 1996 under section5(1) under the immigration act of 1971, to stop the deportation order I was advised to claim asylum. That application was also refused in November 1996 with form APP109 refusing revocation and an appeal was dismissed in 1997. In 2003 I made an application for leave to remain on the basis of length of residence but was refused because I had been served with notice of intention to deport in 1994, so the time spent in the UK since I was notified of the enforcement decision did not benefit me because any period of residence which is accrued after the service of removal of intent to deport did not count towards my length of residence.

In support of the application I provided wage slips but in the refusal letter I was advised that has I had not been permitted to work and therefore it had been taken into consideration.

Moving forward my circumstances have changed. I’ve lived in the United Kingdom for 30 years, I am a parent to a 10 years old British child, I have no criminal records. What advice can anyone give on the matter to help revoke the deportation order or any recommendation of good solicitors?

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