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Why it's so difficult to get an job in the uk

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I find it so difficult to find a job in London even though I am experienced, but mainly oversea experience. The culture is so different here. I thought I performed quite well during few interviews, but it all turn out to be NO. I am willing to start from beginning, so I applied for so many very junior jobs, but still cant get a single interview invitation for those low position jobs.

Anyone have would like to share your job hunting experience in London? It's so depressing and I'm losing my confidence.

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    There's lots of job's available ect lorry drivers uber eats retail workers warehouse pickers ect or working in the farms picking fruit and vegetables.

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    I really am in need of money, as well as great job experience. Unfortunately, I am so fed up with this. Sometimes I feel life really is not fair! IMO, Knowing someone in a company your applying for is the easy way to get your job nowadays. it's only gonna get worse!
    In small companies, their candidates are available to work. On the other side in bigger companies do this more routinely and obviously they need the quality of the candidates.

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    To be honest, it's not easy to find the job not only in the UK, besides, many people just work at home. I had the opportunity to learn trading and now I have the money for the living and traveling, the businessman Ildar Sharipov influenced me a lot:

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    I read your email and it reminded me of myself when I first came to London 5 years ago! It was hard and lonely and I had to learn not to give in to the circumstances around me. I now have a job and work part time from home, with a company that helps me meet new people and have fun while earning. If you are interested let me know. It would be nice though, to introduce you to a couple who work with mostly Chinese students. They are a lovely Christian couple, kind regards, Maryanne.xx

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