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Why it's so difficult to get an job in the uk

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I find it so difficult to find a job in London even though I am experienced, but mainly oversea experience. The culture is so different here. I thought I performed quite well during few interviews, but it all turn out to be NO. I am willing to start from beginning, so I applied for so many very junior jobs, but still cant get a single interview invitation for those low position jobs.

Anyone have would like to share your job hunting experience in London? It's so depressing and I'm losing my confidence.

  • Martin Hunter

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    I read your email and it reminded me of myself when I first came to London 5 years ago! It was hard and lonely and I had to learn not to give in to the circumstances around me. I now have a job and work part time from home, with a company that helps me meet new people and have fun while earning. If you are interested let me know. It would be nice though, to introduce you to a couple who work with mostly Chinese students. They are a lovely Christian couple, kind regards, Maryanne.xx

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