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New Kid on the block! :)

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HI all!

Am new to Just Landed! Was looking at the jobs posted but cant seem to find a way to connect to the advertisers? can anyone help?


  • serena s

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    Hi Marine

    I went back & looked too and couldnt find the ads anymore. even the ones for holiday inn? i guess, it pays to be careful. thanks for replying & yea, i certainly need all the luck i can get with the job hunting!

    thanks again!

  • ad?

    posted by Deleted user in South East England forum 

    Hey Serena,

    Our classifieds and the like are moderated on a daily basis, but it happens that some scams look authentic enough that they get through. Unfortunately, we cannot contact every advertiser separately to check.
    I have tried looking for the scam you mentioned can't find it anywhere on our website.. Have you also looked at the date? It is possible that this job offer was a valid one some time ago but the position was filled and so the DGM is no longer aware of it.

    Good luck job hunting!

  • serena s

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    HI Marine

    Thanks for your reply.
    Will work it out by navigating the site more thoroughly.

    Apparently there are many ad scamsl, one being the one for Rembrandt Hotel (via this so- called recruiter - Fountain Consultant!). I got in touch with the DGM of Rembrandt Hotel in London to verify the JOBS offered, and he confirmed it's bogus.

    Weird and wonderful stuff on the net, though in this instance, more weird than wonderful!

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    When viewing a job ad, you will be given the option to contact the advertiser by sending a message. If it's a premium or featured ad, you might have a visible link to their website.

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