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Andriod or windows smartphone, which is the best?

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Android or windows smartphone, which is the best?

In my article today, am going to show you the difference between an android and windows smartphone and you are going to decide which one is the best.

The difference between a windows and an android phone lies in the software.

Both phones have a unique Operating System (OS) that allows the phone to function.

Windows mobile phones run on the Windows OS (Operating System) which was created and is maintained by Microsoft;

Android phones operate on the Android OS which is owned and maintained by Google.
Instead of the iOS which can only be found on iPhones which are solely manufactured and sold by Apple (think Mac computers), and BlackBerry phones which are maintained and sold by BlackBerry Limited formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM), the Windows and Android Operating Systems are used by many different manufactures.

The Windows OS can be found on phones made by Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, etc.
The Android OS can also be found on phones manufactured by Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, etc.
The iOS on the other hand can only be found on iPhones which are only manufactured by Apple.
This opens up a wider selection of phones to choose from produced by a larger range of manufactures to choose from, many of which operate on the same software excluding a few minor differences that may or may not be added by the phones manufacture or the phones wireless carrier.

Differences in Software

Windows and Android phones both run on very different Operating Systems which are constantly evolving and changing to become more efficient, more powerful and more user friendly.

Visible Differences

If you held an Android phone in one hand and a Windows phone in the other hand what would be the best way to tell the two phones apart?
When looking at the display screens of a Windows phone and an Android phone when both phones are powered on you will see a noticeable difference between the two types of phones.
A Windows phone has a very unique look to it. As opposed to the standard icons that you might find on a typical computer or an iPhone or even an Android phone the Windows Mobile OS has a very Window-y, Block, Square or “Tile” look in place of Icons.
Take this into account when deciding on a Windows phone. Though the Windows OS has a very clean and crisp look and using it is very straight forward it might take a little time getting used to it if you haven’t used a phone with windows OS. Don’t let this deter you from choosing a Windows phone of course, just keep it in mind. The user interface of a Windows phone is quite different then what you might be used to but on a touch screen device like a smartphone or tablet it can be very user friendly and easy to work with.


One of the main things often considered when someone is choosing to get either a Windows or Android smartphone are the Applications that are available for that device. Applications allow a much more enjoyable experience on your smartphone and are one of the most desired features on a smartphone as they can increase the devices usability as well as its entertainment value.
As a minor example of how applications can be useful, you might not carry around a flashlight with you wherever you go but you’ll often have your phone with you. There are many different flashlight applications to choose from which will allow you to transform the flash of your smartphones camera into a flashlight.
If you like watching movies then you could download your favorite streaming media service’s official application to watch your favorite videos, shows and movies.
There are thousands of apps to choose from on both Windows and Android smartphones. Whether you wish to download one of the many popular games available or a weather application or a fitness or diet app, a vehicle fuel tracking or pricing app, music apps, news apps, a customizable texting app, social networking apps, etc.
These are just a few examples (don’t worry the flashlight feature is available to both types of phones), but typically the more app selection the better.
Currently the Google Play Store (Android’s App Store) has quite
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  • Mansi Rao

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    When it comes to the majority of users as per the options available to ease of access, I personally prefer Android as well.

  • Smart TV Box

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    Windows Phone is dead, but Microsoft isn’t getting out of mobile—in fact it’s redoubling its efforts. With plenty of apps for iOS and Android out now and improving fast, you can recreate much of the feel of a Windows Phone on your existing handset, as long as you can live without those rotating tiles. Here’s how to go all-in with Microsoft on mobile.
    Android skinnable and customizable than Apple’s mobile platform, and Microsoft is taking full advantage. You can get a similar suite of Redmond apps for iOS, but you’re still left with an experience that’s mostly Apple. Grab yourself an Android phone and we’ll get started.

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