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    Hi, hope I am not late with this reply.
    Two months ago wife and I moved with MovePrice. My colleague recommended them. He was talking about his move like it was some divine experience and I checked them for fun, did their free quote estimate which gave me the ballpark estimate of the cost of my move.
    When I talked to my wife about it later that day at home she seemed worked up about it and called them.
    They picked up despite it being late, around 8PM.
    The guy on the phone was cool and explained how everything worked and scheduled our virtual move estimate so he could give us a precise cost of our move.
    Everything went smoothly.
    They gave us a precise move cost after we finished a video call with them where we showed them everything we had to move. Then we scheduled the date and time of the move and their movers came on the agreed time. They were kind and did all the packing carefully.
    Unloading was also done at the agreed date and time and they reassembled everything the had to put down in order to pack. Here is their website if you want to check it out https://moveprice.com

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