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Excel Gamers - Sponsorship Request

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Excel Gamers would like to apply for sponsorship.

Information on Excel Gamers

Name: Excel Gamers

Clan Tag's: =|ExG|=™ (Members), =|ExG.A|=™ (Administrators)


About: Excel Gamers is a well established gaming community that wants to offer PC gamers a gaming experience that is community based, this means that we want our community to have a major impact on our servers changes and decision. We want our community to excel at being friendly and our server's to be enjoyable for all.

History/background: Excel Gamers started as just 1 server for a few friends to play on now we are a well established gaming community that has being running for 4 months.

Servers: We have 4 servers, a Jailbreak and Death match server both on Counter-Strike: Source. A 2fort server on Team Fortress 2 and one Ventrilo server.

Traffic: Our website has around 30-60+ views each day.

Owner and founder: M4 | FX-GT

Members: 16 approved members to the clan and 56 members on our steam community group. Our number's are growing rapidly we are getting more member's every week.

What do we want to achieve?

Excel Gamers wants to achieve to have a community that will grow to become a very well known and popular gaming community. We also would love to see more server's over many different game platforms to support all PC gamers’ needs.

How will we achieve this?

A lot of hard work will have to go in for this to be achieved which I as the owner am willing to do. I also currently have a "co-owner" who is helping me in the work needed to keep this community running. But overall we need sponsorship to pay for the running cost's of the servers, website hosting and getting more server's/upgrading server's.

What we can do for you?

Excel Gamers will publicize your company as much as possible. This can be done:

- On our website by displaying an html banner of yours on every page on our website (We can make a banner for you if needed).
- Our steam community group
- In our servers, through the advertisement's in the servers and the message of the day.
- Competitions within the community which can be announced if you have sponsored this event.
- I am planning on making a video to publicize Excel Gamers, in this video we will be able to have your company advertised in this also.

I believe that all of this will be able to help you have more traffic to your website.

What we want from you?

Money is our preferred type of sponsorship to help us run our server's and pay for more. Anything between $25 and $75 a month would be much appreciated. If you have another type of sponsorship available we would also like to consider it.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

If you are interested please email
[...] OR reply to this post.

Kind Regard's

M4 | FX-GT
(Owner and Founder of Excel Gamers)

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