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Hi guys!

Anyone here has an idea of how I could easily get a job in Chicago?
I have an experience in management and marketing and my last job is a Marketing Head of a company in California.

Hope to get help from you


  • Teresa Hurst

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    I would recommend you to search jobs on OPT Nation as you will get more numbers of jobs in Chicago

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    Do you have a Profile on LinkedIn? There is a huge platform for jobseekers as well as for Recruiters. Very succesfull Networking!
    best regards

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    Hello Rylee spero che tu risolvi presto tutti i problemi di lavoro.
    Noi stiamo cercando un partner che ci aiuti a distribuire il ns Film (POMPEI 3D ,A Buried Story) presso tutte le scuole Americane.
    Lo vogliamo dare a noleggio per 1 mese o per tutto l'anno accademico a basso costo così da fare un bel business.
    Ti puo' essere di aiuto?
    Io spero di si
    A presto e grazie vedi il trailer sul ns sito

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    Keep your resumé short and succinct. Despite reports of its impending demise, the experts said a resumé is still very much an essential tool of the job search. But hiring managers (and the computers they use to sort through resumés) are in a rush. So you need to format your resumé to be read quickly and in small bites. These days, a typical resumé is scanned for just six to 10 seconds, often on a mobile device.

    Eliminate filler words, use numbers to quantify your impressive results (such as “boosted sales 83 percent”) and include relevant keywords that appeared in the job posting.

    Limit your contact information to just one email address (old-fashioned AOL, no; contemporary Gmail, yes), one phone number and your LinkedIn profile URL.

    Please read this link, might helpful as well.

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