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How To Update Android Tv Box

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With the present fast pace of technology advancement, there should be constant updates on software and hardware. Further, this is necessary to keep up with the fast changes. There are times when an item you purchased just last month becomes passé this month. This can be disheartening to any buyer.
1. Firstly, download the new firmware into the root of a directory of a USB drive.
2. Then insert the USB into an empty USB port on your Android TV Box Best Buy .
3. Next, move to settings.
4. Under the settings, choose system option.
5. Now pick system upgrade option to update the system.
6. After that, choose the USB drive.
7. You can see the firmware from the USB drive updations process is started.
8. Wait for a couple of minutes to update.
9. Once the firmware completed, TV box will automatically reboot.
So thats are the steps To Update Android TV Box.

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