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Looking for Purchasing/Procurement/Supply Chain Vacancies

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I’m reaching out to explore potential opportunities you have for someone with my background and qualifications. I’m currently a Bid/Tender Administration- and Contract Management Officer with the Western Cape Government, Department of Health, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in South Africa and am interested in exploring other positions.

I have a pleasant disposition and excellent communication skills in both English and Afrikaans. I am meticulous to detail and accuracy and am able to work independently as well as part of a team due to my good human relation skills. I have the ability to work under pressure to ensure my goals and objectives are met. With more than 5 years Supply Chain Management experience since 2009, I am familiar with most Supply Chain Management concepts and as such, have excellent time management, planning and organising skills in order to meet due dates and deadlines.

I'm planning to relocate abroad to explore new opportunities to expand my knowledge and to further the growth in my career.

I have expertise and experience in Acquisition-, Demand- and Contract Management, Procurement & Provisioning, Customer Service, Inventory Control, Tender/Bid & Contract Administration, Supply Chain Management policies among others.

I'm available to discuss any available role via telephone, email or skype.

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    Hello Dewaldt spero che tu risolvi presto tutti i problemi di lavoro.
    Noi stiamo cercando un partner che ci aiuti a distribuire il ns Film (POMPEI 3D ,A Buried Story) presso tutte le scuole Americane.
    Lo vogliamo dare a noleggio per 1 mese o per tutto l'anno accademico a basso costo così da fare un bel business.
    Ti puo' essere di aiuto?
    Io spero di si . Se sei interessato possiamo fare un incontro su Skype in Inglese
    A presto e grazie vedi il trailer sul ns sito
    Gianni Campo -Italy-

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