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School search & Home searchAssistance and Relocation service In Kuwait and Me?

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Moving to Kuwait and Middle east ? Our detailed school search ensures you that the relocating family understands the schooling options available in their new location.

To identify the most appropriate schools, we begin the process with a thorough analysis of parent preferences and the needs of the child. We advise on the international system and both private and public schools, keeping in mind the most suitable options for family budget and location. Once schools are selected, we are available to assist with registration documents and arranging a meeting with the school administrators.

Our School Search programs deliver assistance and expertise to assignee parents, including:

Needs analysis prior to departure
Determining the most appropriate schools
Arranging meetings and interviews and with school personnel
Delivering assignee and family to school appointments
Assisting with school enrolments

If you’d like to learn more about how our School Search programs can assist in locating and selecting the right school for your self / assignee, contact us to speak with a Relocation

Contact: +965 69963523


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