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Should I say something before they marry?

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I’m madly in love with my best friend who’s getting married, and I’m contemplating on whether I should say something before it’s too late. They’ve only been going out for a year, so it’s crazy that they’re getting married so soon! I don’t know her very well since she usually doesn’t hang out with us and our other friends, but I do know that he met her through a new years party dating service. Their wedding isn’t until the end of the year. Should I tell him how I feel? Even if he doesn’t love me back, I feel like it would help me finally move on and get some peace of mind.

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    i think yes

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    Hmmmmmm i think yes

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    If you haven't already, absolutely not! The amount of time they've been going out is really none of your business. They could fall in love within a month and decide that they want to be together. You really have no right to meddle. He obviously doesn't love you because he's about to marry someone else.
    Do you really beleive that he would break her heart for you? If that were the case, he would be engaged to marry you, not her. Furthermore, what you should be asking is what sight they met on so you can find your own.

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