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Silicone Oil Dropper

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1. With a scale on the bottle and brush tank, you can see how much silicone oil is being used in real-time. And the non-slip brush can control the oil output so that you won't dump a lot of oil at once or get droplets all over the place.

2. Made of food-grade clear glass and silicone material, easy to check the remaining amount of sauce or oil, and the silicone brush is heat resistant up to 250℃, safe to extremely hot food.

3. Large bottle mouth, easy to pour oil. The non-slip brush head is easy to press for quick oil input and quantitative oil output, avoiding the waste of oil.

4. The silicone oil brush is evenly applied on meat, pots, and so on! Suitable for kitchen cooking, baking, and outdoor barbecue.

5. All detachable for thoroughly cleaning, effectively preventing bacterial breeding.

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