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Tax filing season and Southbourne Tax Group

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A life changing event occurred to me recently (new job and a baby), and I really need a tax pro to help me with this nerve-racking responsibility as a taxpayer. My friend contracted Southbourne Tax Group, is this company good at tax preparations?

  • Nancy Davalos

    posted by  in United States forum 

    I use the service of Southbourne Tax Group on my returns too. They have a highly capable and professional team with vast experiences regarding tax laws and tax problem resolutions issues.

  • Laurenz Risseeuw

    posted by  in United States forum 

    I am one of Southbourne Tax Group clients, they can do a great job in tax preparation. So far, I don’t encounter any problems with their service, they can definitely help you in itemizing your tax preparations.

  • Risson Nau

    posted by  in United States forum 

    Yes, aside from providing a wide selection of accounting services to small business, Southbourne offer assistance in personal income tax return preparations too. I am one of their clients since last year, they have an excellent quality service so far.

  • Kurt Rupert

    posted by  in United States forum 

    My friend is a client of Southbourne Group but they handle the payroll of my friend’s business. So I really can’t tell if they are good at that aspect too.

  • Taylor Reads

    posted by  in United States forum 

    I am not familiar with that firm, as for me, it doesn’t matter who, as long as they are licensed, highly experience and knowledgeable on tax laws :D

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