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Hello! My name is Pennty Hallikäär . Me , my girlfriend and our 2,5 years old son, we are coming to USA 90 days. We are travelling at ESTA. Ar you the kind pheople whocan give us a partment about weeks? We can help you to cleaning , babysitting or. We buy our own food but we dont have a lot of money. We dont care are you living cantry or city. We can do farmworks too . We dont smoke and alcohol we doesnt used at all. I speak and understand English a little bit. It someone friendly human can helpus , your would write me to my email pena 20320@

  • sarah zamba

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    My name is Sarah, looking for someone who understands love as trust and
    faith rather seeing it as a way of fun but a mature cheerfully been i got
    your contact today and I have develop an interest in you, and I think we
    can start from here, here is my e-mail ([...]) Am
    waiting to here from you so that I we send my pictures and more

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