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Do you prefer Scottish kilts or Irish kilts?

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In Scotland, they're quite often seen at formal events (so, weddings, christenings, dances etc.), and some guys prefer to wear them as ordinary wear on a daily basis, although that has sadly been less and less usual over my life. It used to be common on a Sunday. Some schools in Scotland include the wearing of the kilt for students and staff, sometimes into their uniform alike. In either situation, I have no preference between Irish or Scottish kilts: it's all great, along with a piece of culture and history between the two countries. I like kilts, I guess. Then there's the military kilt, which is also shared between Ireland and Scotland. It's only in this context - especially, a - that I have observed kilts worn in an Irish atmosphere, instead of some one. I've the belief - but again, it's only a belief - that the colors used in the tartans in Ireland are somewhat more muted than those in Scotland.

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