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American vs. European lifestyle

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I was wondering, do you think there is huge difference between American and European style of living and its culture? How would you describe it? Where would you prefer to live if you could choose?

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    I just love Europeans Life Style...
    They are more relaxed, They eat well, but eat less :)
    Europeans use more public transit and drive more economical cars still the fill "Royal".

  • Jonah Barnes

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    Additionally, everything in Europe is so old. There is history etched into the very land (same thing with Japan!), and it's wearying because you cannot escape people or where people have been.

    In America, it's different because everything is so new. A 100 year old building might make it onto the National Register of Historic Places simply for the fact it is 100 years old.

    I grew up in California, where only an hour awar you could be in a desert with only a road as the other signs of life. In America, everything is so much bigger - buildings, streets, even the sky. Bigger is not always better (as evidenced by how much we consume), but when you've walked through seemingly endless narrow streets, sometimes you miss the country you grew up in. It seems as though for me, I'm missing my state - there are people who grew up in New York city who might feel more comfortable in Europe living with all the buildings so close together.

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    Europeans, especially Italians, live in a more relaxed atomsphere in both work and everyday life. Americans are almost always busy with work, family, etc. I'd rather live in America but vacation in Europe. I'm currently staying in Italy and every place is a beautiful!

    Jojo Zhao (Otis)

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