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List of Complaints for Tpg Condo

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As an expatriate living in Jakarta, Indonesia for two years, I have come to appreciate the natural beauty of the archipelago. Living here is just a spectacular merge of modernity and tradition. While in the city, you can experience true urban living while knowing that just a few miles away, you can also experience nature in its highest elements.

On my first stay here, however, I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions which I dare not say at first. I have signed up with the Peterson Group since lodging is not included in my contract. I contacted them through the contact information provided in their site. They were quick to adhere to my requests and I was finally settled even before I came in Jakarta.

My hell of a journey started when I finally arrived. And I chose to share it with you after reading a lot of conflicting comments about the company:

1. Hidden charges upon turnover
I was actually surprised when the agent named Marl “reminded” me of the charges that I have to pay before unit delivery. It was honestly not stipulated in our contract during the call and to say that I was shocked was an understatement. The developer, without warning, while constructing the project suddenly came up with the idea of charging a sizable turnover fee apart from the transfer fees used for transferring the title to me. With so much already invested, I have no choice but to pay the required amount.

2. Unexpected Restrictions
Although I understand that there are indeed restrictions for living in a condominium, I did not expect the list that was given to me in a luxury condominium. The deed of restrictions, which every I stupidly signed, is the document which encapsulates what I can or can’t do with your property, such as, what I can plant in the garden (I don’t have one anyway since I lived in a condo), external modifications disallowed for in the condo, ownership of pets, fence designs, even your choice of curtains, and many others. If I wanted to keep pets, I have to pay an extra amount.

3. Delivery of Features and Broken Promises
You may also encounter the Peterson Group’s claim of providing bespoke services such as pet services, maid services, private chauffer and whatnot. Based on my experience, they are totally fraud. The maid, if there is anyone coming, comes late; the chauffer is old and rude; pet services are cruel to pets.

After three months, I decided to withdraw my membership and tried to find another condominium unit to totally forget my worst experience with that company.

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