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I want to travel to Taiwan, looking for a male partner. If you are between age 45 to 55, do send me a reply.

I want to go to UK too. If you can offer room and board, let me know.
Or if you have some advice for me or share experience, just leave me a message or email to -- [...]

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    Dear Mrs. Natali,

    I am famous tour-operatour in uzbekistan please write me to [...] and I immedietly reply to you. I can send you the program or tour packages of Uzbekistan. Please write me AND i answer you on your questions.

    Best regards,


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    Hello everyone, I really like traveling, like sun and heat. It has long been interested inUzbekistan. Reviewed the many tour operators, but chose only one. With regard to -tours to Uzbekistan Uzbekistan tours this site better. Operate efficiently.

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    Dear Ms. Ann,

    My name is Valeriya, nice to meet you, I invite you to visit uzbekistan, I am director of the travel company "Sk tour" so I will help you all you need, please write me-


    Best regards,

  • Al Nasher Bin Ahmed

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    Hi Ann Lee,
    Nice to meet with u.
    If U come to bangladesh, i may help u to find hotel,travelling good senario .

    u r welcome to tell me at my E-mail:[...]

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