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Is Venezuela a nice place to live?

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Why should I move to Venezuela? Are the people there nice? Is there anything I should watch out for?

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  • Juan Alonso Paez

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    posted by  Juan Alonso Paez in Venezuela forum 

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    posted by  in Venezuela forum 

    Hi! I think Venezuela its veeeery beautiful, nature aand views are so amazing! and the people are veryy nice, happy and gently. We love to smile and celebrate everytime! But in this time we have 2 very important problems: insecure and the cost of living. Its really expensive to rent a department and food. At least for us. My opinion, of course.

  • Jesus Valera

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    hey bro, Venezuela is probably one of the best countries on earth, but we're right now facing a truly hard time with the government and the social situation, you should come, of course, as a tourist, to be able to enjoy the natural beauties and stuff, but not to live...

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    Move to live I don't recomend, for passing few days or weeks I fully push you to come, ppl are nice yes, life's quality is poor atm.
    But the country is really beautyful.

  • alfonso Martinez

    posted by  in Venezuela forum 

    Estamos de acuerdo que en todos los paises hay inseguridad. Si quieres hablamos de Cagua,Turmero,Payaya,Valencia,Maracay,Caracas. Eso si Venezuela es bonota bonita

  • thais parra rojas

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    realmente en todos los paises hay inseguridad pero mi pais es hermosos y lleno de paaisajes lindos besos thais

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