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Hello everyone

I'd like to find a good site that lists jobs in Venezuela. Most of the 'expat' websites are pretty limited and I can't seem to see any decent English websites that list jobs in Venezuela.

I am a writer and voice artist, so I would need a city that has a large creative industry and a demand for native English speakers. I also have a lot of experience teaching English.

Are there any good local (English) websites for Venezuelan cities? I find lots of sites with "expat" in the url, but nothing that just focuses on life in general there: arts, entertainment, restaurants, jobs etc.

Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!


  • Juan Alonso Paez

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  • cristopher daniel

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    efectivamente la situacion esta terriblemente mal..

  • cristopher daniel

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    is very hard! the work in venezuela...

  • Humberto Paez

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    Debes pensar bien, las pagas no son muy buenas!

  • Ismail Wahby

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    It´s been 1 year that I am working in one of the biggest cities of the mid west of Venezuela. In the morning I am a supply chain manager of a group of companies & at night I teach english.

    Of course the biggest art scene & the bigger part of the economy is in Caracas. But having a job there is somehow difficult, & the amount of money you would make is very limited compared to the crazy inflation of the metropolis.

    Working as an english teacher in the interior of the country is very easy, the only knowledge needed is english, experience & a degree in teaching can make you gain a bit more money but still in Venezuela teachers are extremely abused in their payment.

    I live in Barquisimeto state Lara. For me it is a good option, it is a city with less than 2 million inhabitants, (Medium sized), it is the musical city of Venezuela, so it is perfect for me to make friends that play music. It has a growing industrial zone which I consider an opportunity & a boost to the economy of the local area. Very few people speak english, so it is easy to become an english teacher. Also Maracaibo, Puerto La Cruz, can be better options than Barquisimeto depending on your interests.

    Note that there are no radio broadcasting in English, & if you don´t speak spanish, Venezuelan cities would be even more dangerous than what they are. Demand on English is only for english teaching & for industrial jobs, international trading, etc.

    Venezuela has a very big professional community in Linkedin. & you can search for job opportunities in these websites:

    Good luck

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