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American wondering about technical work culture in Vietnam

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I recently have been in discussions regarding a very exciting job in Vietnam which is a combination of technical computer science research and undergraduate instruction. My question is what is the corporate culture like in Vietnam? What are expectations in terms of work/life balance, what are the vacations, what's it like for an expat to work in Vietnam? I know what it's like to live there, that's not an issue. I know I will enjoy it and I know some of the challenges and benefits. I just don't know how to approach the interview and job acceptance process. Is it basically the same as in USA, with a series of interviews, a job offer, and then accept/decline/negotiate? Tahnks.

  • huyen bui

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    i read your question by accident, and i think the answer is: It depends on the organization you want to work for. You know even with a basic job, sometimes the boss want to challenge candidates a lot of times or just doing a test and negotiate the salary. Especially the job you mentioned abow. It seems like working as a lecturer. For more detail, you should contact to the organization which offer a candidate to work in that field. Each organization has its rule, its principle, its procedure... Sometimes they are quite different from the others.

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